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  • 2024-02-18

    Naked design: How do I successfully deliver a product?

    No miracle is needed for delivery.


    Life calendar: For 6 years I counted the time until my death

    Life calendar is a Tim Urban-inspired tool of stoic nihilism for those going through an existential crisis. These squares are the weeks from birth to (probable, taking the average in Europe) death at around 80 years of age:


    How to write (your desired text) if there is no time?

    Thoughts -> topic -> statements and plan -> writing -> revision.


    "Why, why, why, why, why?": Solution generation technique

    The "5 whys" technique is suitable for both thinking of ideas and describing the user's wishes. Can be used both in a team and alone.


    How SWOT analysis works: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

    This is a decision-making and planning technique. Suitable for both a team and a single person.


    The way to decide: 100 dollar test

    How to choose the best idea? Value in money.


    Method of thinking: Advantages, Limitations, Uniqueness and Opportunities (ALUO)

    The "Advantages, limitations, unique qualities and overcoming limitations" method is similar to SWOT technique, but more for generating ideas.


    Imagination exercise: Item recovery

    You can do the exercise both alone and in a group. The duration is about 15 minutes. Exercise can be similar to meditation, because it is not complicated, has a calming effect.


    How does 25/10 brainstorming work?

    This is one of the brainstorming (brainstorming) options, where the crowd both generates and evaluates ideas during the game.


    What is Bodystorming? Creativity and design technique

    Body assault (or "bodystorming" in English) is one of the variants of the Brainstorming technique: a way to come up with new ideas.


    Who is the target audience? This is not a faceless crowd

    Every content creator wants to have a large audience. But how to collect it? Content publishing is not necessarily the solution…


    What are NFTs?

    NFTs are not a thing, not an idea, and not rights to a thing. It is a financial instrument.


    Your language is garbage - readers love it

    What's worse than SEO texts? Authors who write so boringly that…


    Even a resident of Vilnius can walk: I am inspired by a book by Frederic Gros

    don't be afraid - you don't need legs to walk. Frederic Gros in the book "Philosophy on foot"describes not pacing, but a slow, aimless, but meaningful way of traveling.


    The Good Life According to Modern Stoics: Short version of the book

    Do you want to be satisfied with your life? Stoic philosophy is very similar to Buddhist philosophy - accept and be.


    Anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, emotional eating and binge eating: Book review by Gintarė Jankauskienė

    "How to recognize and overcome eating disorders" is the latest book by G. Jankauskienė (and co-authors), published in 2022.


    Writing technique: "Selected exclusively for you..."

    Let me share a technique I dedicate just to you: the writer.


    Writing technique: Power words that make the reader feel

    remember your favorite childhood book... What book is it? And imagine: you not only wrote, but also published your book. People read it, enjoy it, memorize it, remember it! Ah, wouldn't that be wonderful?


    How to become an expert: Find your own technique, method, technology

    What is the difference between an expert and a person who is otherwise knowledgeable? The expert is likely to have his own not only verified, but also created way of thinking.


    How to check if someone will buy your book? Give it away for free!

    If you can't attract readers for free, then who will buy your book? (Or another piece, as the same applies to other media.)


    Enemies of the Huns: why is this book called a historical novel?

    Romualdas Drakšas: a lawyer (and not just any law, but criminal!), a professor who writes fiction books. I remembered his name because I once read his science fiction diptych "The Man" and I really liked it as a child... So what does Romuald write these days? 


    An ideal notation system: The one you come up with

    Oh, how many note systems have been invented - to-do lists, "Getting things done", Kanban, Planuokis and other ways of writing down. (Now every second influencer sells his own writing, his own planning method.)


    We don't need advice (but you want them)

    Ah, the Internet... It stands on three pillars: scams, pornography and advice on how to live.


    Being single is a choice, not a punishment

    "How sad that no one loves me and I don't have a second half...", one person I have in mind at this moment will think sadly.


    You are not Google (don't have a million customers, so don't think about the future)

    Let me tell you about a weight loss program - a project, which I worked on for half a year… And purchased by less than 10 buyers…


    Mossad Amazons: what do women think of this book?

    This is a book about Israeli spies. When reading, it seems like from a movie, but according to the author, these are real stories.


    The phone screen as a magical fairytale portal

    Oh, how many stories, books, movies, series, anime and video games have been created about magical portals. One moment you're living your earthly life, the next you're stepping through a door (or gate), the next you're on another planet.


    A good manager will not take care of his employees

    Micromanagement is a type of management where the manager supervises every action of his team member. The manager knows everything, the manager will explain everything, the manager is responsible for everything.


    Buyers don't like discounts

    Discounts are a great way to attract customers. But, you know, buyers (secretly) don't like discounts. Not because discounts are bad - because the product used to be without them.


    How to protect your creation from theft?

    Don't save.


    Between copy and layout: Review of the book "1922" by Roland Maskoliūnas

    On the occasion of Kaunas being the European capital of culture - a book about the interwar history of Lithuania in a different way. Not a retelling of events, but these quotes!


    No, love won't make you happy

    "Ah, if only I met the right person... We'd be together, we'd be happy, everything would be better..."


    What is mentoring? And how to find a mentor?

    A mentor is a person who will teach you how to achieve your goals.


    Ramūnas Čičelis wrote something interesting in his book "Trajectories: Television Critique"?

    I have a feeling you haven't heard of this book yet. I would not be surprised - criticism of Lithuanian television shows is not the most frequently discussed topic. And what to say that the circulation of this book is only 400 units...


    No, you're not smart

    Confidence is not lying to yourself.


    No, you probably won't change the world

    Not everyone can be a hero. Not everyone can be famous. Not everyone can be successful. And it probably won't be you.


    I didn't reach my goal... What should I do?

    Set a goal to, say, run for 30 days in a row? Only managed to run for 10 days? Sad that you didn't reach your goal?


    NEW! not good!

    The argument from novelty is another type of chronological snobbery: the claim that what is NEW predates something. Although there is not.


    Speed reading technique: look for yourself in the book

    Do you read books, but after a week you don't remember what you read? Believe me, it happens to practically everyone - it's natural.


    What makes a book better than a magazine?

    I will sound blasphemous, but I am honestly convinced: nothing. Despite the fact that reading books is so valued.


    It's fun to think about life goals, but it's hard to live them

    I wish living was as easy as thinking about life, dreaming, making lists...


    [Relationship Strengthening Month] And do you love your neighbor? Do you make time for them?

    A few days before the day of love for Lithuania, the world celebrates another day of love - Valentine's Day. Probably the most famous day of February, forgetting the one that sometimes occurs at the end of the month. Love. Who doesn't want it? Well, judging by what this Fourteenth has turned into, almost no one needs love anymore. Because love is needed only for people with whom you want to get hot and create a brigade [...]


    A narcissist is a person who does not love himself (I know because I was a narcissist)

    It is not difficult to recognize narcissists - they constantly brag about their achievements, take pictures, look for "influential friends", people they could be around and, most importantly...


    "How do I interest a guy who doesn't respond to me?"

    I hope this page is not the first result of your Google search. You've already found tons of answers: seduction techniques and "find someone else" tips. But it's not enough for you...


    How much would it cost to create a simple evil?



    Month with travel: When I realized that I hate traveling

    What are the most popular posts on Facebook? Basically: weddings, beautiful people… And travel. Share a travel photo and you'll get more attention than on your birthday! So it's no wonder there are so many travel freaks - it's so easy to get distracted and forget the problems you should really be dealing with. In 2013, I tried to travel for a whole month. I wanted to travel around my native Kaunas for 30 days in a row […]


    Productivity is not a sacred cow

    Deep in your heart, you probably realize this too. You will not survive on efficiency alone. Without productivity is the rest of life.


    Is it bad to play games and watch movies all day? (Is it bad to waste time?)

    What to do if you want to cancel? Want to play video games (or gamble), lie around watching YouTube, scrolling through Facebook and talking shallow nonsense with your friends?


    How to optimize illustration sizes easily + quickly? And why optimize illustration sizes at all?

    A photo weighing 5 MB on the Internet is madness. So how do you optimize illustration sizes easily and quickly?


    A year without a relationship: What I learned about myself after giving up women for a year

    A challenge that probably doesn't matter to you at all. Or at least that's what I'm guessing. I tried to be alone for a year. Or rather, without the girls who so often caught my eye, mind, heart and dick. Keep in mind: I also consider this challenge a failure. Why? I just don't know what I got from him and that's it. Although it was quite fun. I provide notes if these [...]


    Repetition is NOT the mother of science: Principle of 10000 experiments (yes, not hours)

    Malcom Gladwell, one of the most famous authors, once presented a principle: The greatest experts usually only become experts after spending at least 10 thousand hours or more with their craft.


    Productivity Techniques Month: 30 days, 30 technicians and 259+ completed jobs

    Even before I wrote The Lazy Manifesto, I decided to try about 30 different productivity techniques and see which ones would work best for me. Later I wrote "The Lazy Manifesto": my first book about minimalism, the necessity of laziness for our health and productive work. That's basically what productivity techniques are designed for. The Kanban work monitoring system is used in the factory of the car manufacturer Toyota, and about the magic words Lean […]


    No one is born paying… So why are you afraid that you have no talent?

    There are no genes (or at least they are so uncommon that we haven't discovered them) that give someone innate talent.


    What type of writer are you: Gardener or Architect? (And the most common mistakes these writers make)

    I find it very difficult to write everyday. Although I work as a writer - I am not able to write morning papers, long articles, long books... For a long time I thought it was a mistake - that I am a bad writer.


    Creativity is not marketing (So a developer needs a marketing friend)

    It is related. Create and promote, create and persuade, create and sell… But creativity is not the same as marketing.


    It became difficult for me to speak

    It's hard because I don't feel like Daniel anymore. I feel different. Different. Old topics are gone... And I feel the pressure. Fear. Loneliness. Caution.


    Your business does not need Facebook and Instagram

    Do you remember your childhood? A day at school? There were always children who got those fantastic treasures before everyone else. Their parents found ways to buy them LEGO, Songoku toys, they got sports bikes and a whole mountain of treasures...


    Your first business goal: to make a profit

    Too many businesses try to start over. Looking at other people's beautiful buttocks, their skirts, panties, checking what's under them...


    Cyborg Rights - Who Owns Your Body Parts?

    Smart devices are part of being human - they perform the functions of our memory, reminders, communication and some work.


    What you need to know if you want to get up earlier

    "Early to bed and early to rise - this is what makes a man healthy, rich and wise." Benjamin Franklin, 18th century. politician Getting up early in my childhood was a big misunderstanding for me. Get up at six in the morning, get dressed with zombie speed, forcefully eat breakfast and prepare for the trip to the sea? Why do my parents torture me so much? Why can't you sleep yet??? But over the past year, my approach […]


    Autumn is coming… Have you come to terms with it?

    It's not a curse. Not a wish. It just is.


    Is it really good to be productive?

    Eat that frog - try another productivity, efficiency, technique and become better. Faster, smarter, richer...


    What parts are links made of? And what are link trackers?

    For example: http://www.isachandra.com/2010/07/tofu-omelets/?utm_content=buffer15375&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer


    Cookie capitalism it's not time money, it's your attention

    Before age was roughly taken, companies like Ford or General Motors used people's time to make a profit.


    And how to check if the sympathy is mutual? What kind of suggestions should be made?

    What to do if you like a person, but you are not sure if she/he likes you back? Here's my proven three-step method:


    Why should you delete Facebook?

    I haven't used Facebook in over a year. This is what I feel at this moment. Maybe this will also inspire you to stop using Facebook and just delete it.


    The year I tracked every job I held

    You do the work - you write on a piece of paper - you put the piece of paper in a pile. Yes, for one year, 2017, i followed every job i did.


    Is the book "Implement an idea through Kickstarter" worth paying attention to? (If you want to launch a product at low cost, yes.)

    What if you could make hundreds of thousands of euros with JUST an idea? I can say that:


    What to do if boredom sets in? Boredom is fun!

    My greatest desire is to stop being bored. It has a lot to do with willpower.


    If you feel empty, you need a routine (Experience at Vipassana Camp)

    I was recently Vipassana in meditation training. There was a lot of talk about that everything comes in waves. It comes, goes, increases, decreases, itches more, itches less, interesting, not interesting, you want to read more what is written here, you don't want to read more what is written here, you want to fix your hair, you don't want to, you want to achieve goals, you don't want to...


    How to come up with a good password? The most important thing is the length, not the variety of characters!

    How to come up with a good password? DO NOT PUT NUMBERS OR SYMBOLS OF ANY KIND.


    This is why you will never become successful and your work will never receive compliments

    …I'm lying. What I'm about to say isn't another self-affirmation that you're a loser that you've been looking for. It's more of a motivation to not stop.


    What if your customers seem mentally retarded?

    You must have come across such people. Explaining to them that X or Y is literally impossible… Or that Z can easily be done by yourself and here's how… Or that M, L and P are not your area of work… Jthey don't like it!


    I remember how you were three kilometers away, even though I was hugging you

    I smelled your shampoo and my hand melted pleasantly under your neck. I could feel that, finally, I was together with you however… I felt lonely.


    Let me waste your attention for nothing

    You can buy health. Time (amount of work done) too. Attention - no.


    How did I get out of the "Friend Zone" and seduce the woman of my dreams?

    I know the feeling. You met such a wonderful person. You went on a few dates. Maybe you even kissed or did this and that more...


    I strongly support both ecology, veganism and zerowaste - because they are exactly the same

    Interviewed by: JBG+Alumni. Published for the first time European Commission on Facebook.

    I myself strongly support both ecology and veganism and zerowaste - everything related to ecology and economy, because basically it's one thing - my thing.


    41+ Best Books on Productivity, Time Management, and Effective Work

    You can always just take it and work. Even at this moment... But what if you could work easier, faster and smarter?


    41+ Best Books on Investing, Saving and Money

    Some argue that an investor's greatest asset is time


    How to earn more from individual activities without changing work methods?

    Earnings are not what you get from customers.


    Satisfying without meat: How did I become vegan?

    You know, I'm not going to start with arguments about why veganism is good. I believe that you have already heard enough of these. Well, okay, not a little bit - those vegans are really obnoxious…


    Cringe. What to do when you are ashamed of your past?

    I don't even know how cringe would be in Lithuanian - disgust? Cramp? Inner pain? Someone else's (or own) shame? You know that feeling. And maybe that's why it doesn't matter what you call it.


    How to find out if a girl has a boyfriend?



    How to gain a child's trust?

    It's simple! Say one thing and do another:


    Why do guys look at you but not say hello?

    Ah, those guys… Why don't they speak first? Why not come to you?


    Is it really necessary?

    First published: https://dvitylos.lt/lt/work/ar-tikrai-reikia/. Below is an unedited version of the conversation.


    Having a very specific, clear goal can be dangerous

    A clear goal will help you achieve it. I agree with that. However, if you don't know what you want, how can you get it? Accidentally?


    Daniel, who has decided to live by "producing" as little garbage as possible: "Minimalism is my philosophy"

    I grew up in a healthy family - we always respected nature, my grandfather raised bees (until he got old a few years ago), and my mother kept saying - garbage must be collected! Throwing anywhere is wrong.


    What makes a blog popular?

    Question received:


    How did I start sorting and learn to change my habits?

    Question received:


    What if you start a lot of projects but don't finish them? [Challenge You]

    I know It happens to me too. I come up with new, really genuinely interesting and good ideas, I start working on these projects...


    Everything is fine with you (or - why shouldn't you stop plants?)

    Appeared for the first time:


    How do you find time for your hobby, which you want to turn into a business?

    Believing and practicing Catholics have something that many Lithuanian freelancers lack. Or rather, they have what is lacking in general for many Lithuanian residents.


    You are not irreplaceable and no one needs you... But that is not bad!

    It hurts to feel that you (and especially you) are not needed. Because… Well… This is true. There are thousands like you.


    I have a challenge for you: Do just one thing this year

    Remember when you thought in 1999 that 2019 would be sometime in the far future? You know, when there will be flexible phones, flying cars, and you will be happy, rich, and good for yourself?


    Why not pay attention to criticism on Facebook?

    There are two types of criticism.


    Debesyla.lt creator Danielius: The only way to stay productive in this modern world is minimalism

    First published (and illustrated): https://sonatadirsyte.lt/debesyla-lt-kurejas-danielius-vienintelis-budas-islikti-produktyviu-siame-moderniame-pasaulyje-yra-minimalizmas/


    A witty interview with Debesyla about his life

    Who is your super hero?

    Myself. I understand that no one will do my work for me - just as they will not fulfill my greatest goals. I am the locksmith-welder of my destiny.


    How to communicate with a negative person? And how not to plunge into pessimism?

    Received a question from a cloud girl:


    Povilas Petrauskas: How did I stop drinking alcoholic beverages?

    I'm talking today Povilas Petrauskas, who was once a heavy drinker himself. Not a liter of vodka every day, but still destroying your brain. And he tried to quit alcohol twice in his life. Unsuccessfully. Let's hear how he fared in the third.