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Combo streaks method: I wrote poorly - so I believe you would write better (Part V)

Phew! And apparently that's it. I'm done. After going through paper and electronic notebooks, I discovered what drafts and texts I had written, corrected and added to these, trying not to spoil too much the style of the time, and now I present them to you.


Combo streaks method: Writing Was My Playground (Part IV)

Holy cow. And then I wrote even more!? Yep, it turns out. It's been a long time since I wrote every day, but I still wrote.


Combo streaks method: Looks like I didn't know how to write (Part III)

And then I was still writing. Here are some more updated texts from the archives. Where I could - I left the style so that you can see the difference with the current texts.


Combo streaks method: Horror, what nonsense I used to write (Part II)

When I started the daily writing challenge for the third time, I set myself a goal of increasing my word count only after completing seven days with a lower limit. Yesterday, I shared the first draft of the revised, rewritten and updated texts part of.


Combo streaks method: Third attempt to write daily

For the third time, I decided to try this new one. To write daily, like February and October months, but here the word limit is raised every 7 days.