Combo streaks method: Third attempt to write daily

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For the third time, I decided to try this new one. To write daily, like February and October months, but here the word limit is raised every 7 days.

If I manage to reach the limit in seven days, then I raise it. If I don't, I repeat the next day and the next, until I do! After seven successful writings, I add 50 words.

Here are some of the texts I wrote at the time but never published. As with the first one, I want to show how my work has changed (and how yours will inevitably change as you write). These texts have been rewritten from notes and notebooks and slightly revised.

(Thanks again to the editor Agnes.)

December 29, 2014. Letter from the Utenke War Front.

LETTER FROM: NATO Force Private NAME Danielius Goriunovas

DATE: 2026/04/16


My Si,

I am writing to you this time from Utenke, a temporary camp somewhere in eastern Germany. The traitors are again pushing the front line further away, and we have to retreat. I have no idea where our reinforcements are, because they are nowhere to be seen.

This morning I woke up again to the thunder of a nearby fortification exploding, and a hail of rocks and metal again tore through my tent, but, thank God, I only got a minor scratch. It seems to me that I had acquired a smell that stones and shrapnel do not like, so that it did not bite me. Ha, ha!

Well... But I can't write to you anymore, because I can hear my company whistle calling. I would like to reassure you that everything will be all right, but I can't promise that.

So you know: I still remember our last night from Sunday to Monday. And I promise that as soon as I get back, I will fall into bed with you to do the same thing we did that night.



WARNING: The contents of this email have been checked by ITS HQ for your safety. The content of the email has not been altered.

January 1, 2015. About Obel (World).

Obelys (New Lithuanian Pag.*) is the god of cuisine and gastronomy. Although he is not an official part of the N.L.P. pantheon, he is known among the religion's followers. It is rarely worshipped materially, usually only with exclamations, wishes or proverbs.

* New. Liet. Pag. - New Lithuanian paganism, formed in the twenty-first century. Originating from the old Lithuanian Paganism, this religious branch combined the old Paganism with parts of modern religions.

January 3, 2015. Thoughts on travel and lifts.

The lift doors open. Step inside.


Selected floor knopke pressed. After a short wait, the lift closes its metal doors and starts to rise with a roar.

* * *

Taking the lift is a lot like travelling. Flying on a plane, taking a bus or a car... You enter one floor. You wait. You get off at a different one. You can go back later, but something will have changed.

Something will be different.


January 10, 2015. About the new Clouds motto.

// Debesyla has a new slogan... But it hasn't changed a bit! //

Hello, Cloud Citizens 😉

Short version: Debesyla has a new slogan... But it hasn't changed a thing!

Longer version: ...*Kosteli*...

For the last three months, ever since I started to redesign the Cloud (and edit the old texts), I have been thinking - how do I emphasise the Cloud's greatest uniqueness?

How do I make it clear to the first (and nth) visitor that I am not just regurgitating unsubstantiated knowledge on the Cloud, and that everything I write is based on research and experience?

And now, a few days before Christmas Eve, my eyes fell on a verse that hadn't changed in the Cloud for over a year. "Your goals. Your life. Easier"...

...And that's when I realised that this is the perfect place to emphasise what I'm writing in the Cloud.

"Scientifically proven. Personally tested."

This is the whole point of the Cloud. That's how I started it, how I've continued it, and I'm not even going to stop. It is soaked into every article in the Cloud, just as a roll of toilet paper in a balloon is soaked in water.

This is Debesyla. And it has always been Debesyla, although I may have presented it differently before.

What does this mean for you, the readers?

Well... Except that now it will be easier to tell your friends about Clouds - all you have to do is repeat the magic line.

And more? Nothing more. It's just a new, prettier slogan, but the essence remains the same. That's it! c:

P.S. Are you already looking forward to a new article by Cloudsylla? If so, that's great... One is coming! 😉

* * *

...But that's not all! To be continued tomorrow. Just sit down again and tackle its illegible writing.

I might have learned something,

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