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Sometimes I wonder at my impurity. Looks like I'm setting myself a challenge, it's cool... And I completely forget about it!? I've already told you about some of my writing challenges, but I haven't told you exactly how I felt on those days.

Although I have no idea which test was this one, here I am, sharing from a notebook in Excel .docx format.

P.S. I didn't like this method of taking notes. It's too hard to look for the file in the evening, to take notes... And so on.

The DayWords writtenWords correctedWhat was written?What has been corrected?Feelings and comments?
First615?How I met 86 people, Ignas Dombrauskas?Good. Day one. I feel better after writing than I did before I started, it seems! 😀
Second306 + 325The second Cloud autoresponder; Obstacles to Creativity - Fatigue.(And I go to bed with fatigue. Because fatigue. Oooooh.)
Third646A letter on a hot night from Daniel's bedSince it was just a stream of thoughts/letter to Iveta - quite nice
Fourth516?Cloudsylos Club. Home.Autoresponder seriesIt's ok. Maybe I just spent more time thinking in the morning than I wanted.
Fifth241+55+298Letter to the Clouds; Description of the first move; Beginning of the Clouds ClubI was half a word short, and I wrote the last ones just before going to bed.
Sixth?692 + 774 + 1350?Interview with Viktorija; Interview with Tadas Rakauskas; Interview with Liuba about SantiagoBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah how lazy you are.
Seventh161+921+231+(108+117+104+111)A month with early rising;Interview with Milda Savickaite; The beginning of the Cloud Club; What would you do if you had a Gus?Oh God. It's 2 o'clock at night and I haven't written anything. And I'm up at ten! Aaaaa! P.S. I may have cheated a bit with the last correction - I was really just outlining the text.
EighthI haven't written anything. Half past one in the morning I was so tired that oh mai gad. Zero today. :c
Ninth247+217~800+400Cloudsylos Club. Home.; Getting to know No. 4Cloudsylos Club. Home.; What would you do with Gus?A terribly sick day. Eh.
Ten10+205+301102How I met 86 people; Four obstacles to creativity; Discover your life pathFour barriers to creativityMeh. Writing is hard. Maybe start doing it in the mornings?
Eleventh1565Four barriers to creativityNot bad at all. A bit boring, but not terrible.
TwelveI fell asleep and wrote nothing. 🙁
Thirteen227+230+300Description of the theme of happiness; Description of the theme of the path; Four obstacles to creativityPutting it off until the night is crap. I'm too tired to realise what I'm correcting, let alone writing. X.X
Fourteen50500?Cloud ClubBaaah. I want to sleep. Sleep. I'm going to sleep. :c
Fifteen3211123A letter and thoughts about my wife, pushing buttons and something.Cloud ClubBy nightfall, I was completely finished again.
Sixteen1000+1000Four barriers to creativityFinished! And in broad daylight!
Seventeen248+276Daniel's introduction page in Gūsis; the beginning of the interview with Arnold R. and Antanas' introductionIt's OK. It wasn't hard 😛
EighteenAbout 3001026 + over 600Letter to the Philippians about the results of the electionMilena's interview, collection result letter, Gus' index.phpI didn't even notice, really, until the moment of calculation.
NineteenI've been sick, I haven't written anything
TwentyI've been sick, I haven't written anything
Twenty-oneI've been sick, I haven't written anything
Twenty-twoI've been sick, I haven't written anything
Twenty-threeI've been sick, I haven't written anything
Twenty-fourI've been sick, I haven't written anything
Twenty-five405How not to agonize over the past (turned into three types of attitudes towards the future, the present and the past)I started the standing table challenge in the morning.
Twenty-six82068Description of the Cloud GustArticle by Gabriel. Finished, by the way!I could write/fix more, but my legs don't work anymore x.x
Twenty-seven150400Description of the Cloud GustTexts of the CloudburstActually I forgot about this challenge for a bit. Shit.
Twenty-eight????????Gust release day. Almost zero texts
Twenty-nineThe day after launch. Zero texts. Fiasco.
Thirty241+ ~1501120 + ~150Interview with Arnold; Letter about his performanceInterview with Arnold; Letter about his performanceFriday, recovering from my fiasco. Finished editing the interview with Arnold + finished unfinished lines
One1000 (very minimal)Interview with Tadas RakauskasFunny thing. I wanted to write and write an article. But I realised I didn't have it on my list of goals... So I didn't write anything
Two~400Letter to the Philippians about the survey?
Three1966Experiment 001: Why and how I started tracking my online activity and what I learned from itI wrote from about 19 to 0:44. God, I want to sleep. pzdc. The article itself came out distinctly too long and too wordy.
Four771How to think of what to create if you don't think of what to... CreateI started around 12 noon. I finished at 17:16 with breaks. ...Oh my God, how many days are left!
Five419What do you do when life gets unbearable?Started at 13:46, finished at 14:26. So about 10 words per minute. Hm. Anyway, in general, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to think of anything to write today and I was already thinking that I would put it off until tonight and not write. I was wrong. I did!
Sheshi636An overview of a simple guide to minimalismI started at about 4pm, finished at 7:47pm because I procrastinated a lot. I had planned to write at 11:00 in the morning, but for some reason I didn't get ready.
Seven221Introduction and end of the interview with TadI started at around 3 o'clock and finished at 16:20.
Eight438How, God help me, to finally start writingI started around 1am. Finished around two.
Nine865Experiment 002: How I started getting up at 4am and what I learned from itBwaah. Finished at 04:30+. I went to bed.
Forty377You don't need meaning in life. The first chapter of the book.I started around midnight. I finished around 02:40. Somehow a very short chapter seems to me. But maybe it's better to have less boring introduction. 🙂
One0🙁I didn't write anything... 🙁
Two~700+100Simplicity 2; part of the piglet part of the interview by Antanas BernationisWoahhhhhh. I wrote TWO texts!
Three100First Epistle to the EphesiansI wrote again in the middle of the night. Ahem.
FourI went to bed without writing anything. :c
Five314+50600+600+210Beginning and end of Greta Bytautaitė's interview; Corrected second autoresponderReview of the book on simplicity (Leo Babauta); Interview by Greta Bytautaitė; Correction of the second autoresponderBam. That was easy. ...*After a second*... Ai, I need to write another article. Ugh. || I finished at 02:17. I'm going to bed.
Sheshi191Third autoresponderParaysta during the day before meeting Gabriel at 15:00.
SevenI went to Vilnius, I didn't write anything.
Eight~100+517A letter about a new article (self-confidence); two mini-chapters of the book (or the end of the second)A letter in the morning, a book in the evening before going to bed. It was surprisingly easy, even though I was scared and procrastinating. 🙂
Nine286Instruments pageBaah. I finished at 3 p.m. I was planning a book, but I didn't have a plan. I made a plan for tomorrow. All right.


*Wipes sweat from forehead*

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