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Life calendar: For 6 years I counted the time until my death

Life calendar is a Tim Urban-inspired tool of stoic nihilism for those going through an existential crisis. These squares are the weeks from birth to (probable, taking the average in Europe) death at around 80 years of age:


You are not Google (don't have a million customers, so don't think about the future)

Let me tell you about a weight loss program - a project, which I worked on for half a year… And purchased by less than 10 buyers…


It's fun to think about life goals, but it's hard to live them

I wish living was as easy as thinking about life, dreaming, making lists...


Month with travel: When I realized that I hate traveling

What are the most popular posts on Facebook? Basically: weddings, beautiful people… And travel. Share a travel photo and you'll get more attention than on your birthday! So it's no wonder there are so many travel freaks - it's so easy to get distracted and forget the problems you should really be dealing with. In 2013, I tried to travel for a whole month. I wanted to travel around my native Kaunas for 30 days in a row […]


A year without a relationship: What I learned about myself after giving up women for a year

A challenge that probably doesn't matter to you at all. Or at least that's what I'm guessing. I tried to be alone for a year. Or rather, without the girls who so often caught my eye, mind, heart and dick. Keep in mind: I also consider this challenge a failure. Why? I just don't know what I got from him and that's it. Although it was quite fun. I provide notes if these [...]


Productivity Techniques Month: 30 days, 30 technicians and 259+ completed jobs

Even before I wrote The Lazy Manifesto, I decided to try about 30 different productivity techniques and see which ones would work best for me. Later I wrote "The Lazy Manifesto": my first book about minimalism, the necessity of laziness for our health and productive work. That's basically what productivity techniques are designed for. The Kanban work monitoring system is used in the factory of the car manufacturer Toyota, and about the magic words Lean […]


The year I tracked every job I held

You do the work - you write on a piece of paper - you put the piece of paper in a pile. Yes, for one year, 2017, i followed every job i did.


Experiment 11: Public Creator Notes Idea - Weekly!

Goal of the day: 1439 words. Written: 888.


Lectures on success are worn out - the audience does not want them

Let me quote myself as I wrote in the early summer of 2015:

"Next week, on the 19th, I will appear in Klaipėda, where I will tell you how to overcome failures, which are truly inevitable in life.


I tried to create an elevator pitch and I realized that it was a pointless grind of shit

Goal of the day: 1605 words. Written: 171.


3 mistakes I made when trying to plan my time to the minute

Goal of the day: 1497 words. Written: 179.


Fifth attempt to write daily

Sometimes I wonder at my impurity. Looks like I'm setting myself a challenge, it's cool... And I completely forget about it!? I've already told you about some of my writing challenges, but I haven't told you exactly how I felt on those days.


Fourth attempt at daily writing

And then yet there were attempts to write in December. After finishing the draft of the first short story, I tried to get back to writing more regularly. I didn't do very well.


Failed challenge: A month with travels

And then, after it failed month without delay, in August 2014 I set myself a challenge every day for a month to travel. First to Turkey, then to Lithuania.


A month without delay

Goal of the day: 135 words. Written: 421.


137 things I owned in 2015: Item sets method

As I mentioned earlier, my The challenge of simplicity started a while ago. Here is an attempt to count all my belongings in 2015, when I was still living with my parents.