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We don't need advice (but you want them)

Ah, the Internet... It stands on three pillars: scams, pornography and advice on how to live.


No, love won't make you happy

"Ah, if only I met the right person... We'd be together, we'd be happy, everything would be better..."


No, you probably won't change the world

Not everyone can be a hero. Not everyone can be famous. Not everyone can be successful. And it probably won't be you.


It's fun to think about life goals, but it's hard to live them

I wish living was as easy as thinking about life, dreaming, making lists...


A narcissist is a person who does not love himself (I know because I was a narcissist)

It is not difficult to recognize narcissists - they constantly brag about their achievements, take pictures, look for "influential friends", people they could be around and, most importantly...


No one is born paying… So why are you afraid that you have no talent?

There are no genes (or at least they are so uncommon that we haven't discovered them) that give someone innate talent.


It became difficult for me to speak

It's hard because I don't feel like Daniel anymore. I feel different. Different. Old topics are gone... And I feel the pressure. Fear. Loneliness. Caution.


You are not irreplaceable and no one needs you... But that is not bad!

It hurts to feel that you (and especially you) are not needed. Because… Well… This is true. There are thousands like you.


Autumn with an experiment #100newthingsDaily

Wonderful summer without Facebook years (I will tell you about which one and why I liked it so much here) found an idea that stuck:


are you beautiful Take this short TEST and find out

This is a test created by the most famous scientists in the USA, which will evaluate your height, weight, face shape and more than 70 other beauty factors, which depend on how others evaluate you.


What do I want from life? A Few Self-Knowledge Questions (You Can Ask Yourself)


Why self-reward is a poor motivator for achieving goals… And what better to do instead?

"Think of all the positives you'll get from achieving your goal or challenge, and you'll reach your goal before you know it."


My unexpected trip to India and how I learned to be truly happy there

Hello, Eve. First, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?


You are not your mind. You are not your feelings

The mind is fundamentally not peace. He is the eternal source of problem creation and solution.


Stuck at work? Why don't you do what you love?

Attention! If you wake up on Monday morning and can't get out of bed and don't even want to think about it, then there's a good chance that you're not pursuing your goals in life.


Felder and Silverman learning styles + which one is yours?

Have you ever tried to learn something that is relatively easy, but you just couldn't get the main idea? Or have you taught people very simple things, but they were overwhelmed and lost?


What is emotional freedom?

Recently I thought - what is this emotional freedom anyway? I remember hearing the phrase "emotional freedom" a long time ago now and thinking that this is what I want.


How to become confident?

It's simple!


How to become famous in half a year?



With so many options, how do you choose your direction?

Goal of the day: 1638 words. Written: 305.


Discarded Book Plan: How to discover your vocation?

Goal of the day: 1527 words. Written: 1433.


Sketches of a book about meaning: Why is everything you do based on love?

Goal of the day: 1512 words. Written: 1030.


Questions I ask myself

Goal of the day: 1483 words. Written: 675.


My most important boundaries: NUTs way of self-knowledge

Goal of the day: 1439 words. Written: 353.


Challenge idea: A month without helping others?

Goal of the day: 1316 words. Written: 90.


Looking for motivation for work? Start with these questions

Goal of the day: 986 words. Written: 368.


A few questions for yourself: Are you who you are?

Goal of the day: 966 words. Written: 261.


Looking for a life calling? Stop it...

Goal of the day: 966 words. Written: 421.


Please criticize me harder. Please, I want to learn!

Goal of the day: 678 words. Written: 679.


To be angry is to love

Goal of the day: 643 words. Written: 664.


What if you have too many ideas for activities? AAAC method

Goal of the day: 636 words. Written: 462.


"What profession to choose for life?" …The question arises? Aren't you really a fridge then!?

Daily goal: 600 words. Written: 616.


Why do we stop learning and when is "learned" not a lie?

Goal of the day: 511 words. Written: 552.


Study and you will become a chopper. Or why doing is more important than thinking.

Goal of the day: 472 words. Written: 719.


What do Muslims, Christians and Pochuists have in common?

Goal of the day: 449 words. Written: 507.


Are porn movies bad for us? And violent video games?

Goal of the day: 445 words. Written: 583.


Research shows: Career is more important than family! (If you are under 30)

Goal of the day: 427 words. Written: 471.


What is the challenge? 67 fun ideas for your experiments

Goal of the day: 361 words. Written: 365.


A few more experiments I did to test my limits

Goal of the day: 350 words. Written: 386. Photo author Agnes * (Lithuanian, Debesian)


21+ more personal challenge ideas: Do you want to experience something new?

Goal of the day: 330 words. Written: 423.


24 things I HAVE NOT LEARNED in 24 years of my life

Daily goal: 320 words. Written: 320. Just as much as needed.


What do cats dream about or what would you do if you had four lives?

Goal of the day: 314 words. Written: 333. Magic.  Photo author Audrys Karalius.


A letter about the DEMANDING child inside me

Daily target: 308 words. Written: 622.


23 interesting questions that will help you understand yourself better

Goal of the day: 308 words. Written: 395.


12 small challenge ideas for you this year

Goal of the day: 305 words. Written: 554.


A painful stream of thoughts about self-loss and confusion

This letter - a stream of thoughts - was written about 2 years ago. I found it in an old OneNote notebook on my computer. Here I am presenting a doubly abbreviated and organized text. Two years ago I was in pain, and now it's nice to remember it!


Two questions I ask myself daily, Benjamin Franklin and my attitude towards routine

Goal of the day: 255 words. Written: 891.


Love poem: Why can't I find my wife?

Goal of the day: 201 words. Written: 445.


We can wear whatever we want.

Goal of the day: 133 words. Written: 193.


Our lives are just speculations… So what are you after?

Goal of the day: 130 words. Written: 311.


One trait that separates the successful from the unremarkable

Goal of the day: 116 words. Written: 310.


Men who eat bananas: they have courage

They have the courage to be human. Be yourself.


[The Clouds respond] The best book or movie for self-improvement is…

In 2014, I conducted a survey: What best means of self-education (book, film, program, teacher...) would the readers of Debesyla.lt recommend? Here are their answers. Do not beautify.


Death by Planning: Paralysis of certainty

Analysis paralysis - have you heard of this one? I'm sure of one thing: maybe you haven't heard about it before, but you've definitely experienced it.