12 small challenge ideas for you this year

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Today marks two weeks since the start of the year. And I'd love it if your year was even cooler - set yourself a small but memorable challenge!

Here are some ideas:

1) Relationship repair/strengthening month.

Take time to have a longer conversation with your parents, make an extra phone call, pay them a surprise visit or take them out for dinner.

Surprise your other half. Give him more attention than you always have. Get home early from work. Buy his favourite dessert. Cook his favourite meal or plan a weekend together. Or maybe just remember what it feels like to be held for a long time?

And don't forget your friends!

2) Month of unsolicited good deeds.

Help someone else. A competition for good deeds - what more?

Be the change you want to see in the world. So start spreading the good around. You can start with an elderly neighbour. Just take out the rubbish for her. Buy flowers from an old lady. Become a blood donor. Share your good deeds and spread kindness to others.

3) Routinely NO.

Do something different: for example, you could start by driving/commuting the other way, etc.

You call your mum every week on Monday, so call her on Friday this week. Change the breakfast menu. Or maybe make a big change and change a job you hate? If that's too difficult, at least change your Facebook profile picture.

4) Days out of your comfort zone.

Do what you are uncomfortable with to grow. What will you dare to do? A month of new acquaintances with interesting or uninteresting people, at least 1 every day.

5) A positive month.

Month of positive thoughts. Or a month without anger. Smile.

Apply the positive ideas you read to your interactions with people - don't let them remain just theory. Catch yourself thinking negatively, change your attitude. Forbid yourself to be pessimistic. Invent a punishment for every negative thought.

6) Slowing down and doing less.

Living slowly. Like a lazy person. Allowing us to take a break for ourselves and to ENJOY life while we are still living it.

Sleep. Because sleep is healthy. It's not healthy to get up early, and even less so to get up with an alarm clock. Alarm clocks kill health and productivity, don't do it. And see what happens.

7) Travel month.

Discover Lithuania's amazing places and realise that travelling isn't just about spending thousands of euros on flights, hotel restaurants and rooms with hard beds.

8) With confidence-building.

You are already a good enough person. Everyone makes mistakes, so don't think they make you worse. No mistake makes you a tragic person. And remember, you know what others don't. Discover it and learn it. Improve what you know, don't make desperate mistakes.

Use your strengths instead of looking and crying at your weaknesses.

9) Creativity. Create.

Stop living a life of consumption and cease to exist. Create something that is interesting, fun or funny. Useful or enjoyable. Weird or crazy. It doesn't really matter - it's more important that you create something.

You tried to do it. You spent it. You learned. You left an imprint. You won! Here's what I do.

10) Less work, more results.

Focus on what matters most. And do ONLY that. Put everything that doesn't matter on hold. Block unnecessary sites and apps, don't use the internet at certain times, don't waste time on things that don't give you anything back. + Drop commitments. You don't have to do everything others suggest or ask you to do. Seriously. Don't do what you really don't want to do.

11) Health.

Move - jog or walk every day. Start by taking a longer route to work or walk instead of drive. And don't forget your brain - read unusual things, play games that don't lack problems (crosswords, Sudoku, QuizUp...). Watch unusual films or learn something new. Meditate.

12) Doing what you've wanted to do for ages.

Or just take that one dream or that one job you've been putting off for so long. If you keep doing that, you will NEVER have time. But now you can focus, pay attention... And finish IT!


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