No one is born paying… So why are you afraid that you have no talent?

Reflections and drafts

There are no genes (or at least they are so uncommon that we haven't discovered them) that give someone innate talent.

"Innate talent" is more often seen not because a person was born with it, but because an external evaluator did not see all the work that person had to put in to learn it.

You couldn't see how much effort went into it - it looks like, wow, it came out in a flash! Talent. It's charming. Amazing. Applause!

But each of us is born as a blank canvas. Tabula rasa.

(Technically, this is not entirely true, but the things we carry with us through our genes practically never matter in real-life jobs.)

And a talented person is not so because Thunder appeared to him personally and gave him the ability to do X, Y or Z.

…He worked to learn it. And he didn't drive blindly for 10,000 hours, but rather set himself new challenges and experiments. He tried to achieve the goal in a thousand ways. And some methods he remembered as more effective than others. He knows.

And a dumb person, a fool, is not that because he is defective, that he cannot be fixed, that he is not destined to learn something.

…He just didn't take the time to study. It was not meant for him. His parents didn't read books to him, he spent his entire childhood with television, and his teenage and adult life - running away from himself, from challenges, experiments, new experiences.

No one is born paying. And no one dies for nothing.

Instead, during your this damn limited life, you can acquire talents to realize your dreams. Get over "but I can't" and allow yourself to make a mistake. Allow yourself to learn. Allow yourself to try.

You weren't born paying. And everything is fine with you.

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