Research shows: Career is more important than family! (If you are under 30)

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Let's start with the broader research. We can focus on the quirks and smaller hooks later, but now let's prepare the groundwork.

As you have probably already noticed during your life - your time, energy and attention are limited. Since you are listening to me at this moment, you cannot listen to anything else.

(And, hey, I appreciate the attention!)

…That's why it's important to focus on what's most important. The one that will provide the most benefit over the longest period of time with the least amount of effort and attention.

Well, let's say you have six areas of life that you can strive for:

  1. Career;
  2. Finance;
  3. Dating;
  4. Self-esteem;
  5. Home;
  6. Family.

You can work for yourself objectives (studies, more complete CV); because of monetary stability (having euros is fun); because of nicer homes (their strongholds); because of self-worth (of self-belief); because of acquaintances (friends, good relations with neighbors) and due to family (those who gave birth to you and created you).

Which of these areas of life should you focus on the most to be the happiest?

Here is a place for your thinking.
Don't read on - think.
You can only grow by thinking.

Did you think?

Well, really, all these six areas are important. If that's what you thought, it's cool, good, you're able to look practically and you're well aware that everything is needed in the world.

…However, some of these areas may be more important than others.

More recently, in a 2015 study, Flynn and MacLeod's team conducted research at small universities in the United States looking for links between focus on these six areas of life and levels of existential (well, life) satisfaction.

And the results of the surveys and research, it turns out, were somewhat unexpected.

Respondents aged 20-30 had the greatest positive influence good self-esteem. Confidence in one's own strength, a positive attitude towards one's achievements, whatever they may be. Knowing what they know and what they don't.

Second place - good luck career. Successful studies and progress along the career path left a no less positive impression. Positive progress was important.

And in the third - no, not the family. It was unexpected, but it was financial stability. Having money to survive is quite fun. How have you probably noticed this in your life? I hope? This is especially important if you are young and have not yet managed to earn a decent living like others do.

What does it all mean?

no, i don't think that means that you should leave your family, show her a greasy stick and go to work 18 hours a day.

However, it may indicate that if you are under 30, it is more productive to focus on positive, useful work. A job that will help you travel your career path, learn, grow and prepare for a financially stable life.

Don't spend all your time on dating or building a house, because you can do that later when you have a foundation under your feet. Use the strength of your youth to lay the foundation.

What if you're over 30?

Then relax. These discoveries do not apply to you. You can only share them with younger people and not get so angry if they focus on their World Changing Goals. Let him work, let him study, because youth is probably the best time for that.

If you spent your youth working, chances are you can now focus on your relationships. But I'll tell you more about that later!

Scientific research: Flynn DM and MacLeod S. (2015). Determinants Of Happiness In Undergraduate University Students. College Student Journal, p. 452 - 459

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