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Wonderful summer without Facebook years (I will tell you about which one and why I liked it so much here) found an idea that stuck:

Better than 10 thousand hours the rule that the writer Malcolm Gladwell presents in the book "The Differences" as a rule for how many hours it will take to become a master in your field...

…There is 10 thousand experiments the rule.

Jeff Bezos, the emperor of, built his empire through experimentation. Vilnius women Strelka and Belka builds his personal life through experiments. And even Catholic priests (those whom we consider to be old men who don't like new things...), urge us to question ourselves, to research and discover where else that God is.

By Gods… Well, I do. But let's leave that for another time.

Instead, it seems to me that by experimenting abundantly, I will live better, nor without doing any self, environment, work methods, diet, actions and… Researches.

I think experiments are very good.

So let's do an experiment.

Just like during the summer without Facebook - you can join. In the summer, 8 cloud dwellers and a few people I don't know have joined me. You can join the autumn experiment.

  • One fall.
  • ~90-100 days.
  • 1 new experience every day.

In the spring of this year, such a challenge, #100 new things every day, Kristina, an Instagrammer, chose for herself. So I encourage you to continue using this hashtag. At least in this experiment.

Hypothesis: Not only will we experience fun adventures, but…

…We are likely to learn something from these experiences. We will do new things. Maybe we will fulfill what we have been longing to try for the longest time. I don't know.

I don't think this experiment can bring anything negative.

After all, you don't need to donate 99 thousand. euros to go to a museum, watch a strange movie or play an untested board game with friends. So if there is no negative, only positive remains.

IMPORTANT: If you don't like it, you can stop!

That is the essence of such challenges. No one forces us to do them, we make them ourselves. Just to try.

My dad is a big fan of food, so he constantly buys some strange fruits, ice creams, baked goods... He says "maybe you'll like it?". When I think about such challenges, I also say the same thing to myself: "will you like it?" I don't know where I got this Russianism from, but it probably means the same thing 🙂

The most important thing is that if you don't like it - no one forces you to do it!

And you can just stop.

The Kristina I mentioned did just that with her 100 day challenges. At 51 days, she stopped posting her progress on Instagram. Maybe you didn't like it? Maybe bored? Maybe you got what you were looking for? Maybe he just continued his experiment, but didn't say anything about it publicly? The devils here know and that is not the point.

…The point is, she stopped because she wanted to. He also started because he wanted to. And that is good.

You can too. If you want to.

How can you join #100 new things every day?

Just as you want.

I think only a few key parts are needed:

  1. Do at least one new thing for YOU (not for others!) every day;

…Well, and like everything. 🙂

What will I do?

I will try to share my progress on my personal instagram @debesyla. Every day I will try to upload a photo and a short description of what I experienced or understood that day.


  1. I will try to do something new every day;
  2. Every day I will try to upload a photo to my instagram with a description of what I did;
  3. I will allow myself some days to count the old experiments, the old ones of which I just didn't finish - I started, but... It's time to finally summarize and finish these experiments.

I don't know if it will work.

... But that's the point - to do an experiment and see if it's worth doing experiments.

If you want to join - just join and that's it! There is no need to ask questions, register or anything like that. If you want, you can message me on Instagram @debesyla or to email danielius(sraigė) Everything fits!

The summer without Facebook was amazing and we start in autumn!

Throwing leaves*,


* If it is difficult to imagine how to fold those sheets, then imagine how I take many white sheets of A4 format and then fold them, fold them... Like Rudnosiuk.

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