21+ more personal challenge ideas: Do you want to experience something new?

365 texts courage self-knowledge
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 330 words. Written: 423.



Here are some ideas:

  1. A month of new acquaintances with interesting or uninteresting people, at least 1 every day. Or more
  2. With creative...
    1. Writing
    2. Drawing
    3. Jazz (music making)
    4. Anything with hands - culinary, woodwork, origami
    5. Do you continue...
  3. With simplicity. Could you give up all but the most important things?
  4. With walks. Or cycling to and from work.
  5. With the highlighting of your true desires. What do you really want from your life? What do you want?
  6. With mindful eating.
  7. Managing your home, computer, work, goals and life. Slowly and finally to the end.
  8. Eating more vegetables.
  9. Sleep longer. Sleep. Because sleep is healthy. It's not healthy to get up early, and even less so to get up with an alarm clock. Alarm clocks kill health and productivity - don't rely on them. And see what happens.
  10. Without indiscriminate buying. See if what you're buying really, really needs to be bought. Maybe you don't need it at all?
  11. Breathe. It will change your life. It's very positive and stress-reducing. It helps you live in the moment. Being.
  12. Less work, more results. Focus on what matters most. And do ONLY that. Don't do everything else that doesn't matter. Block unnecessary pages and apps, don't use the internet at certain times, don't waste time on things that don't make a difference. + Decommit. You don't have to do everything others suggest or ask you to do. Seriously. Don't do what you really don't want to do.
  13. Disconnect. From the internet, Facebook, phone and other connections. Be with the person you should be with most of the time - yourself. Be. Enjoy. Be. Notice yourself when the environment is constantly pounding everything into your head. Observe yourself. Reflect. Meditate.
  14. Enjoy the little pleasures. Play games, play sports, create, write, think, read or do other things.
  15. Take photos every day. One small or large image, one or several shots.
  16. Make different pancakes every day. And eat them. So tasty!
  17. Every day, pick up an old dream and see if you really still want to make it come true. Maybe you've grown up and don't need it anymore? ...Then stop doing it.
  18. Ask your parents or grandparents one question every day about their lives, about the meaning of life in general, or something else profound.
  19. Play different games with your children every day.
  20. Clear your head - get some air for at least 10 minutes. Even if you live in the city, you can walk to a city park or a local tree.
  21. Watch one good film at a time.
  22. Every day, set yourself a different daily challenge!

Not extreme and not cardinal. But simple. A year of small, positive changes.

Sweeping changes don't work. Especially if it lasts just two weeks while you pay huge sums of money to "improvement gurus" who haven't tried anything personally.

So small, slow and simple changes work.

Such changes are not accepted under duress or because some uncle on the cover of a book said. They are accepted because... you want to. Simply. Humanly and naturally.

Doing whatever you want,

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