A narcissist is a person who does not love himself (I know because I was a narcissist)

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It is not difficult to recognize narcissists - they constantly brag about their achievements, take pictures, look for "influential friends", people they could be around and, most importantly...

...Daffodils are constantly beautifying their lives.

For Narcissists, life is not just a collection of events, as it is for most people. For them, life is a Hollywood masterpiece:

  • If something goes well, it's the best thing that happens in their lives, in your life and in the world;
  • If something goes wrong, it is a major tragedy, the country should be in mourning, look how I cried.

You may have remembered some of our celebrities at this moment.

And by the way, speaking of celebrities, it's not hard for narcissists to become famous. They naturally know how to exaggerate even the most uninteresting event, and for most of the audience - for us - it is interesting to watch their performances. We know they are lying, but it is still fun to watch. Just like in the theatre.

But the life of a narcissist is not one-sided.

It's not just about advertising and image building. It is also a narcissist's theatricality as a way to soothe his self-loathing.

Narcissus fundamentally dislikes the way he lives. He doesn't like who he is and where he came from. He wants to be more than just himself. He wants to be something else. An aspiration. A dreamed-about prey. He wants to be a modern-day Odyssey hero.

I know this because I was a narcissist myself.

I didn't like my forehead and the strange timbre of my voice. I didn't like my habits and my inability to find a woman to be around. So I tried to portray a character.

Later, thanks to good friends - real friends, not just celebrities - I realised that my narcissism was not normal. I stopped making up stories about myself. I erased everything I lied about. What I couldn't erase, I accepted as my black spot. And... That's it...

My exit from narcissism was not something special. There was no enlightenment. Just something changed.

Back to self-love...

  • Daffodils do not love themselves. They constantly embellish - lie - about events in their lives.
  • They don't do it to be evil liars. They just don't like being themselves.
  • Daffodils are people too. Just sad. It is hard to get at their real personality, but it sometimes shows through the gaps of the image they have created.
  • Maybe you are a narcissist too? I don't know. I'm just asking.

I don't know what else to say. I am not an expert on narcissism. I just wanted to share my thoughts, the experiences that I have at this moment.

If you have your own ideas - to add or to argue - feel free to write in the comments below. I'm interested in your opinion, reader.

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