Please criticize me harder. Please, I want to learn!

365 texts courage self-knowledge success

Goal of the day: 678 words. Written: 679.

If you read these letters, it means that I am alive. This is not a testament. Just a small, small request.

Criticise me more.

Don't criticise me because I'm a masochist who loves pain and humiliation, but because I want to be better.

I'm a writer, I write texts. Then I write a book and say: "Take it and read it, and before you read it, pay €7.5 and get some extra goodness today only!". That's how I make money.

Sometimes I receive letters: "Daniel, I find your texts quite interesting, but I found some mistakes <>, but I'm sorry - I'm ignorant, maybe you didn't need this critique, so I'm very sorry again.".

Or such: "Dear Debilila, not Debilila, I am a very serious psychologist and I can see that you are a neurotic who had a trauma in school <> and if you make a mistake I will take you to court, you little devil.".

Then, when I reply to these emails, I feel like a rapist.
Because not only do I say "Thank you", but I assure you that yes - I just needed the criticism!

And I don't want to feel that way.

Why is it so difficult to express criticism?

...Maybe that's why, that self-important Mormons who repeat "If you don't like it, don't watch it" or "What's your problem? I'm going to sue you now", have convinced them that it's better to keep their mouths shut?

...Maybe that's why, that you don't want to be the one "spreading negativity" and it is better to nod approvingly in the American way, and when you can't see it, to clutch your head in the palm of your hand and sigh?

...Maybe that's why, that you don't want to say anything, "Because I don't know anything", and to remain silent, not even to raise questions that have raised doubts?

I don't know. Maybe there are other reasons why we kill our inner critic.

But we should not kill him at all.

We should take it out and use it. Sometimes the critic hinders our own creativity, but other times it is a tool that separates Researchers from Students.

Scientists are not people who know what they are doing. No. If they did, why the hell do experiments and hypotheses?

Students - they sit quietly, mumble information and all that remains of that mumbling is "Are we having a drink with you today? Davai!". And what is your inner man?

Please don't be silent.

Just like during sex - tell me if you like it when I move differently. I may be able to see your hair bristling or your "Like" clicks, but I can't know what you really feel.

Write more often? Less? Longer? Shorter? Do you like quotes or maybe...

No, "I'm fine, you just create" is not good.

Because it means you just don't give a shit. You don't give a damn about what's being done for you, or what articles and training that dude is producing.

OK, I can relax. I understand - there is no need to be that annoying mule who spoils the Moment with his questions.

But sometimes... You want to hear what you feel!

Andris Mamontovas would also like your criticism.

This legendary composer is still alive. He is apparently travelling around Asia and is not going to die.

Do you think he is so good at making music now that all he has to do is repeat "We all love Lithuania" for the 5000th time? Do you think he wants to do that?

One of the worst curses of creators is to be held hostage to their fame. When you produce a work that... Everyone just says they want more of the same!

You give the same. Then they say to you "Hey, but that was already there, it's boring". And then you cry silently, because why did you work?

Criticise, please.

Next time you read a book, tell the author what you think. No, not Daniel, I mean any author in general. If you are shy to write to world-class authors, write to Lithuanian authors.

Next time you hear a song performed live, write to the authors too. Whether you've watched the TV show "Hour with Ruth" or...

1) Say "Hi";
2) Tell me what you liked;
3) Tell me what you didn't like;
4) Tell me what you liked (don't forget to make a compliment sandwich);
5) Say "Thank you" and "See you next time".

Share your views. Good, bad, stupid or...

Even if you're a "Psychologist" who has taken psychotropic drugs and is threatening the courts, go ahead. Maybe just don't threaten the courts and act like a human being. But go ahead.

Without your words, we won't know if what we're doing has made you feel anything.

You can fake an orgasm, but by genuinely helping, you'll definitely help yourself and the authors you meet more. No need to lie, just criticise.

And we'll know how we can thank you even more. We'll know how we can make ourselves even better.

Finally, I have some criticism for you: Why do you so often keep quiet about what you want to say? Who are you - a microwave? You can talk and you have a brain in your head. Use yourself and do not worry, we are not living in Russia anymore! :')


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