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What is mentoring? And how to find a mentor?

A mentor is a person who will teach you how to achieve your goals.


No, you probably won't change the world

Not everyone can be a hero. Not everyone can be famous. Not everyone can be successful. And it probably won't be you.


I didn't reach my goal... What should I do?

Set a goal to, say, run for 30 days in a row? Only managed to run for 10 days? Sad that you didn't reach your goal?


Repetition is NOT the mother of science: Principle of 10000 experiments (yes, not hours)

Malcom Gladwell, one of the most famous authors, once presented a principle: The greatest experts usually only become experts after spending at least 10 thousand hours or more with their craft.


What if you start a lot of projects but don't finish them? [Challenge You]

I know It happens to me too. I come up with new, really genuinely interesting and good ideas, I start working on these projects...


You are not irreplaceable and no one needs you... But that is not bad!

It hurts to feel that you (and especially you) are not needed. Because… Well… This is true. There are thousands like you.


What is the Priority Pyramid + How to create a map of your goals?

During the last 10-12 years, I had to be very interested in personal development, efficiency and similar things. Therefore, the shares I present may be heard somewhere else. These are things that I have tried on my fur and that work for me.


Lectures on success are worn out - the audience does not want them

Let me quote myself as I wrote in the early summer of 2015:

"Next week, on the 19th, I will appear in Klaipėda, where I will tell you how to overcome failures, which are truly inevitable in life.


Programmer Edgar: How did I become a professional basketball player?

Hello to you who is reading this text. Daniel suggested to take an interview from me, I agreed. Why did I agree? First of all, because he asked nicely, secondly, because I always wanted someone to take an interview from me and not distort it, not try to turn me into a clown if I don't do it myself.


Interview with a cloud girl: How I Set 100 Crazy Goals for This Summer (And Beat Them)!

Hi Daniel! I hope I made it to the train and will be able to contribute to your article. 🙂


What to do when stuck? Ask yourself what will happen if I do this

There comes a stage in life when everything is stuck, everyone seems to have achieved something, and nothing is happening in my life and I have nothing tangible. No one seems to have a problem, but I do.


The story of one Andrew

When asked about his ambitions in life, Andrius would have replied that he did not care about becoming rich, but he would have been happy if one day his name would have appeared next to the names of these giants of science.


Why self-reward is a poor motivator for achieving goals… And what better to do instead?

"Think of all the positives you'll get from achieving your goal or challenge, and you'll reach your goal before you know it."


The creator Simona answers: "The creator should take care of himself like Tamagochi"

When I met Simona half a year ago, I only knew two things about her: she likes bright hairstyles and I like it.


How to become famous in half a year?



No matter what happens, stay human

Goal of the day: 976 words. Written: 176.


Please criticize me harder. Please, I want to learn!

Goal of the day: 678 words. Written: 679.


One trait that separates the successful from the unremarkable

Goal of the day: 116 words. Written: 310.