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I strongly support both ecology, veganism and zerowaste - because they are exactly the same

Interviewed by: JBG+Alumni. Published for the first time European Commission on Facebook.

I myself strongly support both ecology and veganism and zerowaste - everything related to ecology and economy, because basically it's one thing - my thing.


41+ Best Books on Productivity, Time Management, and Effective Work

You can always just take it and work. Even at this moment... But what if you could work easier, faster and smarter?


Is it really necessary?

First published: https://dvitylos.lt/lt/work/ar-tikrai-reikia/. Below is an unedited version of the conversation.


Debesyla.lt creator Danielius: The only way to stay productive in this modern world is minimalism

First published (and illustrated): https://sonatadirsyte.lt/debesyla-lt-kurejas-danielius-vienintelis-budas-islikti-produktyviu-siame-moderniame-pasaulyje-yra-minimalizmas/


How I threw the TV out of the house and how it changed my daily life

Indre, tell us what challenge you took on and why you chose it?


How to start creating? Good creativity is born from simplicity

Goal of the day: 1543 words. Written: 734.


No matter what happens, stay human

Goal of the day: 976 words. Written: 176.


What would happen if you gave up all copyright?

Goal of the day: 717 words. Written: 245.


Are your birthday wishes worth it?

Goal of the day: 689 words. Written: 87.


What items did I have 3 years ago? My first minimalism challenge

Goal of the day: 649 words. Written: 458.


"Minimalism has always been a logical way of solving problems for me"

Goal of the day: 543 words. Written: 583.


How to reduce SPAM and subscriptions in your mailbox?

Goal of the day: 436 words. Written: 441.


Book by Leo Babauta The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life

Goal of the day: 391 words. Written: 561.


What will you find inside The Lazy Manifesto?

Goal of the day: 365 words. Written: 668.


Blogs from a month without internet: "There would be no alcoholics if everyone had the Internet"

Goal of the day: 337 words. Written: 356. Photo author Agnes * (Lithuanian, Debesian)


Chronicles of Simplicity (6/6): Minimalism is not a loss

Goal of the day: 195 words. Written: 288. Photo author: Vi Kontrimaitė


Chronicles of Simplicity (5/6): Minimalism is not a set of rules

Goal of the day: 193 words. Written: 266. Photo author: Vi Kontrimaitė


Chronicles of Simplicity (4/6): One rule for Minimalist Living

Goal of the day: 191 words. Written: 197. Photo author: Vi Kontrimaitė


Chronicles of Simplicity (3/6): Two questions leading to Minimalism

Goal of the day: 189 words. Written: 308. Photo author: Vi Kontrimaitė


Chronicles of Simplicity (2/6): What is simplicity? Its two principles.

Goal of the day: 187 words. Written: 376.


Chronicles of Simplicity (1/6): What do emperors, programmers and truck drivers have in common?

Goal of the day: 185 words. Written: 273. Photo author: Vi Kontrimaitė


Advantages of minimalism (7/7): Feel the joy in everyday life

Goal of the day: 173 words. Written: 257.


Advantages of minimalism (6/7): Change your habits and live more courageously

Goal of the day: 171 words. Written: 182.


Advantages of minimalism (5/7): Save nature, animals and clean air

Goal of the day: 169 words. Written: 269.


Advantages of minimalism (4/7): Live healthier in body and mind

Goal of the day: 168 words. Written: 212.


Advantages of minimalism (3/7): Save without sacrificing pleasure

Goal of the day: 166 words. Written: 185.


Advantages of minimalism (2/7): Find your way when you have too many options

Goal of the day: 164 words. Written: 272.


Sometimes maximalism is not good: sometimes it's better to work less

Goal of the day: 160 words. Written: 310.


Minimalism, Simplicity, Essentialityā€¦?

Goal of the day: 118 words. Written: 244.


A book by Francine Jay "Happiness to have less"

Goal of the day: 108 words. Written: 376.


How are minimalists different from maximalists?

Days purpose: 106 words. Written: 201.


What do we really need?

Daily goal: 105 words. Written: 395.


137 things I owned in 2015: Item sets method

As I mentioned earlier, my The challenge of simplicity started a while ago. Here is an attempt to count all my belongings in 2015, when I was still living with my parents.