Advantages of minimalism (3/7): Save without sacrificing pleasure

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Goal of the day: 166 words. Written: 185.

Minimalism can also to you help... Save more money without sacrificing pleasure.

In the first reason I mentioned higher earnings in general due to more efficient work. But hey, have you thought about how much money you spend each month? Have you done the math?

In economic terms, it's not just about income, but also about expenditure. And in a life full of...

  • ...All sorts of useless things that are no longer useful after one use;
  • ...Services you don't use or don't find useful (for example, a 1000-channel TV package when you only watch three free ones);
  • ...Gifts for yourself and others that then sit on shelves;
  • ...The need to buy ever more spacious and expensive (in terms of space and heating and maintenance) apartments to accommodate those shelves and bikes on the balcony;
  • ...Or other just harmful rubbish that you spend money on without even noticing...

...Expenditure flows like forest streams after a good summer rain. Nine euros for expenses and one for savings. You might think it would be healthy to give up these expenses.

Simplicity helps you see where your money is going.

It also shows how not to become a penny-pincher. Because simplicity is about living happier and more enjoyable lives, not about counting money and denying pleasure.

And yes - you can save more money without sacrificing fun. You can stop buying so many new things and still feel good.

Not throwing money around,

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