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Danielius Goriunovas, the author of the blog and the book "Tinginio Manifestas", is famous for his original challenges and atypical advice for all those who are pursuing their goals. The plan for the implementation of our goals ended up in his hands¬†"Every day closer to my goal", which Daniel will test while planning the implementation of his goals: publish a new book, "launch" the new design of and create good training on creating a blog. We wish Daniel a smooth path to achieving his goals, and we share with you an interview specially dedicated to ńģ about achieving goals, productivity and even laziness.¬†

Daniel, you are known as a fanatic for challenges. When did you "get sick" of this obsession and what challenge started your story as a challenge fanatic?

It all started yesterday.

Well, I can't say that it started earlier, because I don't know how I got here. As a child, I liked to read the newspaper "Kaunas Diena" (which my parents and grandparents still read), and today I like to make Kaunas Diena with daily challenges and news.

You know, we all love magical stories. Clear stories. How an ordinary person X experienced a tragic event Y and unexpectedly changed and became Person Z. These myths were popular in ancient times for a reason... And it is not for nothing that we now hope that every more famous, active person will reveal his own secret. Will publish the book "The Magical Thing That Made Me Awesome" and applying that one thing will change everything.


It is not clear why I am like this. And it is not clear why every other Lithuanian hero is like that. And I don't want to lie that it all started when I experienced some tragedy...

What challenges have you set for yourself at the moment and what have you already achieved? What challenges are you most proud of and why?

I have overcome several. I talk about them on the blog and personal on instagram, where I am currently running an acquaintance inspired #100 new things every day challenge - to do something new every day for 100 days in a row.

Really... I don't see any reason to be proud of what I've done.

Because all these challenges are extremely personal. This was difficult for me personally write every day for 365 days in a row. It was an AWESOME adventure for me personally turn off the Internet for a month. And I don't think they've given me a reason to brag about how awesome I am - maybe that's not a challenge for others.

I just do new things that are new to me. This is my journey.

Next to daily, short-term challenges, there is also room in your life for big, long-term personal goals. What are they? Don't daily challenges "steal" your attention, which you could devote to the realization of your long-term goals?

I am convinced that ecology and economy are what we should really care about.

I am a firm believer that everyone should challenge themselves.

All my work leads to these things - to expand my faith, to share ideas about these two areas of the world, to help others to join and repeat such challenges.

…And smaller challenges are like experiments. Like small details. Bigger achievements consist of these details.

My challenges and A/B experiments only help me achieve my goals. If it were a distraction, I wouldn't do them.

In order to make the most of his day, self-growth author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss disconnects himself from the distractions of information by temporarily blocking the internet by putting his phone on airplane mode. Share your recipe that helps you focus on your goals, overcome procrastination and become more productive.

First of all - choose what is most important to you.

Everything. Just. The problem with productivity systems is that they do NOT solve the problem. If you really work on what is important to you, you don't need any additional tools. You can just use it¬†BomzraŇ°ina¬†and so! And if you do something that you personally don't want or need - well, don't be surprised that you want to deviate somewhere... There.

Seriously. Everything starts and ends with minimalism. Minimalism is the only way to stay productive in this modern world. Concentration. Disclaimer.

You are the author of the book "The Lazy Manifesto". How does productivity fit in with its seemingly complete opposite, laziness? What is productive laziness and what can it do for you?  

A very good question, because this is exactly the topic of refusal. Laziness is refusal. A lazy person chooses what is important to him and does not do everything else.


Pardon the cursing, but blembachki, there are people who still think that there is something in life Mandatorydo and "there are no better ways to do it".

For example, it says that Mandatory go to work on design work in the office, when, well, it is already obvious that we can do a large part of the work at home. Or once it was thought that who needs the Internet and Google (or Wikipedia) - there are good old encyclopedias. (Now I use them as a bedside table. Seriously.) Or others think they MUST always take care of the kids, know what the staff is doing, read all the news of the day... But maybe if you let the kids make their own sandwich, maybe they'll LEARN to do it themselves ? If you let the employee work, maybe he will do it better? (Perhaps it is not for nothing that car service centers joke about the "fee for parking behind"?). Maybe if you allow yourself to sleep longer instead of unwillingly jogging in the morning, you will live longer, healthier and, in the end, just more pleasant?

Well, of course, everything is not so simple. Of course.

Maybe your kids are mentally retarded and don't know how to handle knives. Perhaps the employee did not understand the task and will make mistakes. Maybe not running would really be worse.


Deliberate refusal, laziness, does not mean that you have to make your life worse now. Laziness is improving life, not making it worse.

A lazy person will do what is important only in other ways.

He will give the child bread, a spoon, and peanut butter. He will clearly write down everything for the employee or check the work at set periods, during breaks. He will not run in the mornings, but in the evenings, because running is more fun for him then.

Everything begins and ends with choices.

We can't afford to have everything (well, we've never had that freedom, but thanks to advertisements and social media bragging by influencers, it seems like we can we could…). You have to choose.

And you know what's the funnest thing?


Just. In Japan, there is such a philosophy that no matter what you do, try to become the best specialist in your field. If you work as a sweeper, then become the best sweeper in all of Tokyo! And so on.

When we focus on what is really important, we become like a needle.

You can live like a "cradle" of snow and try to overcome life's difficulties multitasking and being a workaholic. Or there can be a needle and, with soooooo much less effort, stick it so deep into the heart of the problem that…

Focus, conscious laziness, is the secret to productive work.

It is a pity that some souls still think that if I am "lazy" then I am bad. No. It simply means that you are not yet working on what is personally important to you, you have not given meaning to what you are working on.

Yes, it is not necessary to change your job - it is enough to find meaning in it, as in Viktor Frankl's book "Man's Search for Meaning".

And this, in essence, is deliberate laziness.

I used to be a "rocker" too. Then I began to apply the techniques of minimalism, rejection, which I talk about in my book "The Lazy Manifesto" (by the way, I wrote very sparingly, because I was too lazy to write meaningless junk) and gradually I got tired… Well, not yet to the point of a needle, but perhaps to the point of a nursery spade, which is much better than it was 5 years ago…

We usually hear about setting goals in the public space before the New Year. The tradition of New Year's resolutions, which originated in the USA, also appears in Lithuania. Do you think it matters when a goal is released into the world? Do you have your own tradition when you write down new goals and plan their implementation?

It is not important.

Vadimas Ziz, a hero of Lithuania similar to Gary Vaynerchuk, in a good way, often repeats - it is not important when you set a goal and similar details.

Most importantly, will you start working towards that goal?

If you never pick up any goal journal, notebook... And don't start WORKING, then what do you expect? That the magical law of attraction of thoughts will work and the universe will put everything in your hands? Ha!

I don't have such a tradition either. I just choose what is important and then do it.

How do you manage to plan the implementation of goals? Does everything always go according to plan? What goal setting strategies have you tried? Which of them have been the most effective for you?

I personally think so Junkies and "Take and do" techniques enough is enough. No need to burden yourself with additional systems.


If more complex systems work for someone, it does not mean that they are bad. The most important thing is that the work is done. The goal is not the means, but the goal.

Photo of Danielius Goriunova's personal archive.

What advice would you give to a friend who has hit a roadblock in their pursuit of a goal and lost motivation to move forward?

And don't do it. Shall we have coffee? The world needs your passion. If you've lost motivation, then you're doing something wrong. And if the goal is really that important to you, then you will immediately find motivation, you will achieve the goal if you challenge yourself and try to do it a little differently.

Well, although I'm really trying not to give advice to friends, family members, or anyone else. Each of us already has the answers within us.

All you have to do is take time for yourself, be honest with yourself, be lazy, wait and listen. And try to use those answers that are hidden inside.

You don't have to marry yourself and consider yourself amazing. Well, if you want, you can. But not necessary.

Instead, a cup of hot drink, a delicious sandwich, a quiet moment, a day, a week, a month, half a year, a year without facebook, instagram, noise…

…At least one minute just for yourself.

Well, please, at least while sitting on the toilet…

This will help you make yourself heard.

And you don't need other people's advice here. There is no need for a mountain of articles, books, "magical and one-size-fits-all solutions" that will change everything.

You just need yourself.

We probably don't have anything else. Only yourself. And our inner desires that God gave us.

We were given the freedom to choose, to pursue, to work, to fight.

Personally, I think it would be disrespectful to myself (and to my God) to hide this true, healthy freedom under the psychotropic cobblestone of meaningless workaholism.

We are made to be lazy.

Thanks for the answers!

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