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Goal of the day: 1497 words. Written: 882.

Warnings: In this chapter I will talk about the situation where we have TOO MANY choices.

If you are not tormented by the abundance of ideas and still feel that you do not know anything - open up the fourth chapter, where I will talk specifically about the situation where we have TOO FEW choices.

Again, if you feel like you have neither too many nor too few options, stop lying and think better. Make up your mind.

Or if you're really fine, put this book aside and read something else.

What if I have too many choices?

And first of all: Why is it bad?

One army or five - which is stronger?

One. It's one punch, one punch, one power.

— Robert Barathion, Game of Thrones

This quote from one of my favorite shows and book series probably says what I want to say best.

Sometimes choices are good. Sometimes it's healthy. In fact, when leaving a limited space (lack of ideas, prison, strict childhood, dictatorial politics) it is even very natural to want something more.

It's natural to want the freedom to do whatever you want. Buy anything you want. Watch any movie you can think of. Do not matter what else, but without limits.

As humans, we crave it.

However, the options have one major drawback:

They hinder… Select. And reach.

Yes, the variety of options (whether it's what to study after school or what to do tonight) gives us freedom.

However, we do not know how to use that freedom. And…

  1. We start to travel along the road, but we quickly change our minds and return to the starting point again. Having chosen another "better" path, I take it. But again, everything happens again.
  2. Or we stand at the beginning of the road, we look at the passing choices... And we do nothing.
  3. Or after all, we choose a path, we reach the end of it, we take the reward. We travel the second way for the second award.

However, how often do you c) let's choose, choose a goal and achieve it in a goat way?

If you're anything like me four years ago… I'm guessing it's rare? Maybe almost never? I experienced it. I know this kind of life, wanting ~something big~, but really only starting and after a few days losing projects and dreams in the name of new ones.

Choices are of no use when the work is done.

If you want to find happiness, you only need one activity you love, not hundreds of mediocre ones. If you want to make big money, you only need one job well done, not thirty unfinished ones. If you want to be remembered when you die, you have to focus on one job and do it well.

Soldiers, businessmen, politicians - all famous people were distinguished by the fact that they did one thing and did it well. And they didn't waste their energy on activities they didn't really love or opportunities they would have quickly lost.

  • Steve Jobs did not rush to create hundreds of Apple products at once. He started with the iPod and made the best music player on earth at the time. Then he picked up the phone. Then tablets. And he didn't try to become a half ballerina at the same time.
  • Smetona had the goal of uniting the Lithuanian nation and he did it with all his heart. He didn't waste time on small weekend home repairs, but focused solely on politics.
  • Or Čiurlionis - he limited himself only to music and painting. And he didn't take up carpentry work, even though he could have taken it up. Although he would have earned more as a carpenter.

A few completed jobs are better than hundreds of starts. And one started work is better than a hundred ideas of what to do first.

Frequently asked question no. 1:
What if I still like the freedom to choose?

It is only important to understand that I am not saying that all choices are evil, but that it is best to live a strictly limited life, planned from birth (or at least planned every five years).

Choices themselves are not a bad thing. Freedom of choice is not bad.

But problems arise when we have too many choices and freedom. And because of the abundance of possible paths, we simply do not find the One that is most worthy of attention.

If you like freedom of choice - everything is normal. And don't be afraid, I'm not going to teach you how to throw away all your freedoms. Instead, I will teach you how to use your freedoms and not let your freedoms use you. I will not let freedoms overshadow your joy in life.

Your freedom of choice will not disappear anywhere. We will only limit it. And most importantly, you will do it. With your own hands. According to how much YOU will need it. 🙂

Frequently asked question no. 2:
What if I like to take on multiple activities and goals at once?

Aha, I know this desire. You want to achieve a lot and you will take everything you can at this moment. Not a single good idea passes by you unnoticed - you try to take all of them and use them. All.

However, as I mentioned, many activities do not mean many results.

…But it's your choice. What do you want - to work hard or to achieve a lot? If it is the latter option, then I would recommend only doing a few activities.

One activity - can. In this way, you would concentrate all your possible forces and reach your goal easier and faster than ever.

Two activities - it is also possible. Yes, if you get tired of pursuing the first, you will have the second.

Three activities - without problems. Your will.

Four- and this is the limit. Four is a good number because it's not too few hobbies, jobs, and activities (that is, you don't torture yourself with full concentration), but it's also not insanely many. And also - four is not worn out like three and is better remembered.

Five - too much. Or at least too much for me, personally. If it works for you, so be it.

The fact that we will limit our desires, dreams, choices and freedoms does not mean that you have to become a Buddhist monk (or any monk) and work at one job all day, without breaks, extra classes or anything like that.

You can have more than one freedom and that's fine. I, personally, at the time of writing this book, I have four goals: Building a new home, Debesyla, Writing and Creating an income.

I recommend you to have between 1 and 5 freedoms. But I will tell you more about this in the next chapter. Read on.

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