Productivity is not a sacred cow

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Deep in your heart, you probably realize this too. You will not survive on efficiency alone. Without productivity is the rest of life.

Yes, it's probably healthy to work efficiently when working. I came, I did, I left.

But why do you need efficiency in your spare time?

  • Does it make a difference how many hours you spend on Facebook?
  • Is reading a book really more useful than listening to music? (Although that's probably another topic.)
  • Is it really shameful to be lazy?
  • Does it make a difference how long you put things off?

You can work and work without delay. Or you can point out that you never wanted to do the work you put off in the first place.

Your unwillingness to be productive is a symptom, not a disease.

Illness is achieving something you never wanted.

Well, or argue and prove me wrong.

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