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Productivity is not a sacred cow

Deep in your heart, you probably realize this too. You will not survive on efficiency alone. Without productivity is the rest of life.


Is it bad to play games and watch movies all day? (Is it bad to waste time?)

What to do if you want to cancel? Want to play video games (or gamble), lie around watching YouTube, scrolling through Facebook and talking shallow nonsense with your friends?


Is it really good to be productive?

Eat that frog - try another productivity, efficiency, technique and become better. Faster, smarter, richer...


What to do if boredom sets in? Boredom is fun!

My greatest desire is to stop being bored. It has a lot to do with willpower.


Is it really necessary?

First published: https://dvitylos.lt/lt/work/ar-tikrai-reikia/. Below is an unedited version of the conversation.


Three levels of laziness (between workaholic and lazy)

Goal of the day: 986 words. Written: 104.


A few thoughts after reading Tim Ferriss "4 Hour Work Week"

Goal of the day: 986 words. Written: 195.


Laziness Outlines That Helped Me Be More Productive

Goal of the day: 875 words. Written: 1O64.


I get up at 11 o'clock in the morning... And it's more pleasant than getting up at 5!

Goal of the day: 468 words. Written: 559.


What will you find inside The Lazy Manifesto?

Goal of the day: 365 words. Written: 668.


Book by Peter and Michaela Axt "On the Happiness of Laziness"

Goal of the day: 260 words. Written: 752.


How not to be lazy (and finally rest)?

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before fatigue.