A few thoughts after reading Tim Ferriss "4 Hour Work Week"

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This book is about the "New Rich", people who instead of working, become cops for the system. They find employees and strategise themselves. They are the managers of the company, but they depend on so little.

And here are two questions:

a) Are these "New Rich" exploiters of people?
b) Do I need to do unpleasant jobs?

These are quite interesting questions. Because they first appear as if they have "yes" answers, but when you think about it...

a) The nouveau riche hire other people and do not work themselves. This sounds exploitative, but it is not. You can hire people who enjoy their work, who enjoy being accountants and transporters!

(And I'm sure you know people like that too, despite what the old stereotypes say. Old stereotypes say that all jobs are unpleasant. But for every job, there is a suitable volunteer worker.)

b) Someone still has to do the work. It sounds logical - after all, shit doesn't piss out of a shit tank by itself, and a puppy fatally injured by a tow truck won't end its life without suffering. But technology can always do the job!

(And I'm sure you realise that tractors and trucks capable of transporting tree finds only came about because it's not much fun to haul them around on your own shoulders.)

The world seems to be heading towards laziness.

And I like that idea.

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