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Naked design: How do I successfully deliver a product?

No miracle is needed for delivery.


Even a resident of Vilnius can walk: I am inspired by a book by Frederic Gros

don't be afraid - you don't need legs to walk. Frederic Gros in the book "Philosophy on foot"describes not pacing, but a slow, aimless, but meaningful way of traveling.


The Good Life According to Modern Stoics: Short version of the book

Do you want to be satisfied with your life? Stoic philosophy is very similar to Buddhist philosophy - accept and be.


Anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, emotional eating and binge eating: Book review by Gintarė Jankauskienė

"How to recognize and overcome eating disorders" is the latest book by G. Jankauskienė (and co-authors), published in 2022.


Enemies of the Huns: why is this book called a historical novel?

Romualdas Drakšas: a lawyer (and not just any law, but criminal!), a professor who writes fiction books. I remembered his name because I once read his science fiction diptych "The Man" and I really liked it as a child... So what does Romuald write these days? 


Mossad Amazons: what do women think of this book?

This is a book about Israeli spies. When reading, it seems like from a movie, but according to the author, these are real stories.


Between copy and layout: Review of the book "1922" by Roland Maskoliūnas

On the occasion of Kaunas being the European capital of culture - a book about the interwar history of Lithuania in a different way. Not a retelling of events, but these quotes!


Ramūnas Čičelis wrote something interesting in his book "Trajectories: Television Critique"?

I have a feeling you haven't heard of this book yet. I would not be surprised - criticism of Lithuanian television shows is not the most frequently discussed topic. And what to say that the circulation of this book is only 400 units...


Is the book "Implement an idea through Kickstarter" worth paying attention to? (If you want to launch a product at low cost, yes.)

What if you could make hundreds of thousands of euros with JUST an idea? I can say that:


41+ Best Books on Productivity, Time Management, and Effective Work

You can always just take it and work. Even at this moment... But what if you could work easier, faster and smarter?


41+ Best Books on Investing, Saving and Money

Some argue that an investor's greatest asset is time


3 Things I Learned From Adam Grant's Originals

I have seen this book on the shelves of bookstores for a long time. And I always passed her by, because her cover - I found it too unattractive. I was fascinated by the colors, fonts, photos of other book covers...


This book is happiness porn: "The first sip of beer and other small pleasures"

Goal of the day: 1590 words. Written: 356.


Briefly about the writing weekend in Nida with Gabriele Labanauskaita

Goal of the day: 1468 words. Written: 407.


Yevgenijus Černyš: "I did it!"

Goal of the day: 1100 words. Written: 1215.


A few thoughts after reading Tim Ferriss "4 Hour Work Week"

Goal of the day: 986 words. Written: 195.


Book by Povilas Petrauskas "Diary of Infinity"

Goal of the day: 976 words. Written: 184.


Edie Weiner and Arnold Brown: "Insight into the Future"

Goal of the day: 966 words. Written: 284.


A Few Observations on Eating Mana (Alternative to Soylent)

Daily target: 717 words. Written: 137.


A book about Jonava + Who am I to judge other people's books?

Goal of the day: 696 words. Written: 712.


Birutė Jonuskaitė "button me up"

Goal of the day: 689 words. Written: 330.


Talent Garden "Kaunas is full of culture"

Goal of the day: 682 words. Written: 533.


Book by Laima Lavaste "A fun book about Finns and Finland"

Goal of the day: 662 words. Written: 297.


Vytautas Račickos book "Guests at the bear"

Goal of the day: 630 words. Written: 309.


A few more interesting Lithuanian self-development blogs

Goal of the day: 559 words. Written: 661.


Five books I recommend to friends to read

How to define the quality of books?


Eva Tombak: "Happy Pills"

Goal of the day: 440 words. Written: 483.


Kamila Golod: "Courage to be yourself"

Goal of the day: 432 words. Written: 440.


Overview of Blogs: "Living Psychology"

Goal of the day: 395 words. Written: 464.


Book by Leo Babauta The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life

Goal of the day: 391 words. Written: 561.


Haruki Murakami: "All God's Children Dance"

Goal of the day: 327 words. Written: 349.


Book by Peter and Michaela Axt "On the Happiness of Laziness"

Goal of the day: 260 words. Written: 752.


Book by Leo Babauta "52 Changes"

Goal of the day: 235 words. Written: 1486.


Martynas Jociaus's book "Attention Shifts"

Goal of the day: 161 words. Written: 483.


Book by Jean-Claude Filloux "subconscious mind"

Goal of the day: 158 words. Written: 692.


Robert Schnakenberg: "Secret Lives of Great Writers"

Goal of the day: 155 words. Written: 569.


Dimitry Glukhovsky's book "The Future"

Goal of the day: 136 words. Written: 558.


Shaun Tan's book "Outlying Suburban Stories"

Goal of the day: 127 words. Written: 188.


Book by Gilbert K. Chesterton "Orthodoxy"

Goal of the day: 126 words. Written: 131.


A book by Francine Jay "Happiness to have less"

Goal of the day: 108 words. Written: 376.


Tomas Misiukonis book "Coaching Techniques"

Daily goal: 101 words. Written: 387.


An honest review of Happy Puppies + Interview with author Alex Monaco

Alexander… Oh, I'm sorry! Alex Monaco. Personal image specialist and writer and motivator. Have you heard of him?


Lithuanian Bloggers' Week (2016)

This week, for the second time (that is, for the second year in a row), Lithuanian bloggers started blogger self promotion week.