Book by Povilas Petrauskas "Diary of Infinity"

365 texts books

Goal of the day: 976 words. Written: 184.

This is – notebook with texts and questions inside.

…This should be a comprehensive review of this notebook. But while writing the review, my computer turned off (Because I didn't notice the low battery...) and the text was not saved.

Here's the very short version:

  1. As a notepad, this piece is mediocre. Large lined pages, hard cover, the thickness itself - I personally am not attracted by all this. I like more checkered or dotted pages, a notebook in Moleskine format or similar. But at least the paper and printing are really high-quality and sturdy - this notebook is long-lasting.
  2. like a book this piece is mediocre. The stories aren't very special - they're just some short articles to get you thinking and thinking. It would be quite fun if there were more questions than in the "Gratitude Diary".

I would not buy this notebook for myself. I would give it to someone else because as a gift, especially for someone who has never blogged, it's perfect. This is such a "basic", simple, product, which is the basis for your work.

But it is also more exclusive. For example, the teachings of the author Povilas Petrauskas - his knowledge is deep and fascinating to me! It just failed to convert to a blog a bit…


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