Book by Gilbert K. Chesterton "Orthodoxy"

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Although this book is rated 5 out of 5 by Goodreads readers and a few of my fellow believers… I rate it about a one.

Let me explain why.

I actually didn't finish this book - I stopped after about a quarter of it. But I'm the type of reader who hopes that if an author's writing style is poor, it won't change after reading half the book.

I haven't finished reading this book because:

a) It is written in an endless and never-ending paragraph that lulls… Lulls, lulls…

b) It deals with topics that are not interesting to me personally (Christianity, religion, the relationship between science and religion). These are quite old topics that are no longer discussed these days.

c) The design of the book is complex, difficult to read. This is a "book" design. But not the book that would be pleasant and fun to read, but the textbook that literature programs force you to read.

I put off reading the book indefinitely.

I am disappointed. Ignatius, why did you recommend her to me?

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