Shaun Tan's book "Outlying Suburban Stories"

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Goal of the day: 127 words. Written: 188.

Australia. Suburb. Mad Max. A bit of surrealism. And very unexpected, strange, animated illustrations taken from children's dreams.

Shaun Tan did it - every time I read his (why do you want to say "her"?) book, I go back to my childhood when the world was so strange and incomprehensible. Full of strange rules, people and unexpected discoveries.

In this book I found:

  • Very beautiful hand drawn illustrations.
  • Illustrators of very cool Lithuanian translation Vilijas Kvieskaitė work, where she tried to make up every translated tiny letter and word, as if Shaun Tan himself wrote in Lithuanian.
  • Very strange and childishly positive stories.
  • Stories that remind me of my teenage life and, judging by a few other stories (for example, about Grandpa and Grandma's post-wedding trip), remind me of later life.
  • A whole million joules of creative energy if you want to create yourself or raise your children well.
  • A real Aussie and suburban (withered, dry, bare, yellow) vibe where positive and lovely things just shine through.
  • And a piece of myself.

I appreciate:

  • Design and style: 10/10. Yes, I very rarely give maximum marks.
  • Words: 8/10. The stories are engrossing, strange, but intermittent at times.
  • Reading pleasure: 9/10. As a Lithuanian, it was unusual for me to see dry and yellow illustrations, but it was still fantastic!
  • Overall: 9/10. Power!

I recommend it to children, their parents and smart people.


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