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After the latest lecture to schoolchildren in Jonava (where I told how people using the Internet - Tapins and Landsbergs - become political power and how to repeat it myself), I received a book as a gift.

Square (20x20x1 cm) book with strong paper and hard smooth cover. If I count correctly, a 93-page photo book about Jonava and its region, published in an edition of 1000 copies.

Renata Kilinskaite - art critic and photographer.
A book created by her… Well, to be honest, he didn't bat an eye.

It's just a photo book that you can probably buy at the Jonava Regional Museum and keep as a souvenir. Read about the history of the Jonava region, draw pictures, give a book to an English speaker.

Paper, stitching, publishing quality: 9/10.

And as, I guess, befits photo books - holding it in your hands is nice and fun. Of course, it doesn't fit on a shelf because of its unusual format, which a few of my friends wouldn't like, but that doesn't bother me.

The paper is good, the photos do not rub off, they are printed neatly! Even fingerprints are faintly visible on the black sheets. Compliments of MB Press House.

It's just a pity that the corners of the book are so sharp. If I were to publish a photo book, I would pay extra to make them round or similar. More exclusive!


Text and translation quality: 4/10.

This is a bit disappointing. I understand that the profession of an art critic is not that of a poet or a writer (which, as far as I've heard, also live in Jonava, so why didn't anyone volunteer?), but it was possible to try harder.

Add… Passions! Fires! Lives of spring or other seasons. Tell it not in the style of an encyclopedia, but in the style of a living story.

This book is not an encyclopedia. This is a book that introduces Jonava. And isn't Jonava a land of boredom, where there is neither life nor anything going on? Where do the mates go to the local Norf on weekends to buy cheaper sausages and on Mondays…?

I do not believe. Jonava cannot be like that. As I passed by, I got to see and sit for about an hour in a local cafe in the center of Jonava (and also spend two hours interacting with students) - Jonava is a lively region.

The text doesn't convey that. And reading it makes me feel like I'm reading Wikipedia. One dude did this, and then this happened. Then, in the year XXX, something else happened that does not tell the reader anything.

But never mind, it was quite fun to read.

Photo quality: 4/10?

For a book based on photos from Jonava (or is it a story in text?) this is of quite varied quality. Some are extremely interesting (several interwar archives), others not so much.

But I can't criticize much, because I don't know much about photos. But a few literally look like they were taken with a 7-year-old phone.

Would you recommend buying?

If you want to remind yourself of Jonava or you collect books from all Lithuanian towns - go ahead. If you want to have a piece that will give you deep ideas, maybe invest in something else.

I guess I'll give this book to one of my art critic friends (who herself thinks that, oh, she should publish herself - a living example that it's possible). Or I will leave it somewhere in the Kaunas "Book House".

After looking through the pages of Jonava self-government and encyclopedias on the Internet, unfortunately, I did not find something better than this book. So, probably, it will come until the next release.

And who are you alone? What do you know and have you at least published a better book? Debelila you, not Debesyla!?

I have received a message after reading (and regretting) a pseudo-scientific book about the laws of the universe, giving it a negative score. That message was full of curses and insults.


Of course, this message is the message of a complete mental (or at least social) retard. But there is nothing to blame - this character, even though he wrote eerily, still expressed what I feel every time I review the books.

I don't know how to spell such books.
I don't know about publishing either.

I have never written works like "Jonava" in my life. To be honest, I wanted to share some of the most interesting facts about Jonav here at the end of the review, but I couldn't even do that.

I can't write. At least such works.

...However, I believe that despite my ignorance, I can afford to criticize creations that literally hurt my feelings and well-being.

"Jonava" by Renata Kilinskaitė was not such a book. This art critic's book is average, but certainly not bad. And there really isn't one...

I haven't published any books yet. But I have the right to criticize because:

1) I realize that I am;
2) I consume the content;
3) I remember.

Put it together and you'll get it machine capable of evaluating.

And who are you to criticize my thoughts? Have you ever done anything better? WELL? ANSWER BLAZE. I'M TOUGH AND YOU'RE A FOOL**S. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING???

Are you nobody? You didn't do anything?


Don't worry, then tell me what you think. After all, we both don't know what we're doing on this piece of rock orbiting the universe. And we can both share our thoughts, whatever they may be 🙂

Will you share yours?


P.S Anyway, you know, being ignorant and figuring it out is totally fine. Then you don't have to worry about someone trying to pressure you with "what are you doing" games. You relax, let the screamers scream, and share what you see. With what you feel. By who you are.

Allowing ourselves and others to criticize is perhaps the greatest freedom we can create.


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