This book is happiness porn: "The first sip of beer and other small pleasures"

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This book is very good. It is so good that you can tell from the responses of the people who read it (a) Those who think they are happy and (b) Those who are sane and happy.

This book is similar to Facebook posts.

"Look, I'm on a tropical beach right now."
"Look, I'm with my friends now and we're all happy."
"Look, this shitty Lithuanian film is very good because, well, it's Lithuanian."
"Look at the heart on my coffee, how original."
"Look, I'm very happy here, even though I broke up with my boyfriend."
"Look, I'm sleeping long today, chi, chi, how extreme."
"Look, I'm without make-up and I'm very happy."
"Look, there's a tree and it has leaves! Ohhhhh! If you love trees, click like, if you hate humanity and want the world to end, ignore."

Well, basically.

This book was published in a print run of 110,000, while the average number of publications in Lithuania is only about 1.5 thousand...

...I just don't know if there's anything very remarkable about it, because the book is so short that it can be condensed into less than two A4 pages without printing it in a granny font. Two. That's 2 pages.

This book was recommended to me because it was very positive.

You know what it reminds me of more?

Those Facebook posts that seem to be for other people, but are really just for yourself, to make you feel good because you bought a holiday on an island.

This is not a book.
It is pornography.

You're just masturbating your emotions, not your genitals (I hope). It's as if the situations described (eating a cake, reading a newspaper, taking your first sip of beer) are supposed to give you memories of how wonderful it is here...

...Only instead of happiness education (so that you feel happiness everywhere), you get a bit of pornography. "Let me tell you what happiness is for you".

If you want to feel happiness, feel it. Don't read Facebook posts where someone says it's so great here, for you.

Don't read books that remind you: how, you know, it's nice to eat bread here - you've obviously forgotten that, and you won't understand anything here, because you're a loser and you don't know how to enjoy life, you know, you have to enjoy life in all kinds of ways, and it's a positive one, you know, you have to look at everything positively, and, you know, you won't understand here because you're a frown, I'm, you know, different - I enjoy life very much, right @Inga @Kamile @Ieva @Kita_Ieva @Dar_Ieva @Kristina @Tipo_Drauge_Su_Kuria_I'm just a little bit too much for the hashtags hihahaha jingle jingle jingle you know the type of the hashtag here laif is bjūtiful.

This book is the pornography of happiness.

Please don't fiddle with this book. Love life on your own instead.

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