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No, love won't make you happy

"Ah, if only I met the right person... We'd be together, we'd be happy, everything would be better..."


Autumn is coming… Have you come to terms with it?

It's not a curse. Not a wish. It just is.


Why should you delete Facebook?

I haven't used Facebook in over a year. This is what I feel at this moment. Maybe this will also inspire you to stop using Facebook and just delete it.


If you feel empty, you need a routine (Experience at Vipassana Camp)

I was recently Vipassana in meditation training. There was a lot of talk about that everything comes in waves. It comes, goes, increases, decreases, itches more, itches less, interesting, not interesting, you want to read more what is written here, you don't want to read more what is written here, you want to fix your hair, you don't want to, you want to achieve goals, you don't want to...


Cringe. What to do when you are ashamed of your past?

I don't even know how cringe would be in Lithuanian - disgust? Cramp? Inner pain? Someone else's (or own) shame? You know that feeling. And maybe that's why it doesn't matter what you call it.


Everything is fine with you (or - why shouldn't you stop plants?)

Appeared for the first time:


Awareness trainer Paulius Rakštikas about Mindfulness practices and why they are so important

Paulius Rakštikas


are you beautiful Take this short TEST and find out

This is a test created by the most famous scientists in the USA, which will evaluate your height, weight, face shape and more than 70 other beauty factors, which depend on how others evaluate you.


You are not your mind. You are not your feelings

The mind is fundamentally not peace. He is the eternal source of problem creation and solution.


Why is there so much evil in the world? You are guilty. (How to Learn to Use a Gratitude Journal)

Have you ever encountered such a situation when, for example, you thought of buying a car, you chose the model, color of the car. The next day you go to town and you only see cars of that model and you start seeing more and more of them?


Ho'oponopono: A method of relaxation and release of anger

This method is as simple as two kopecks, but at the same time it carries with it great power. About Ho'oponopono books are written and seminars are conducted.


The creator Simona answers: "The creator should take care of himself like Tamagochi"

When I met Simona half a year ago, I only knew two things about her: she likes bright hairstyles and I like it.


Romas Zabarauskas: How I translate Vilnius as a friendly city

What is most important in life? Eeeeh yes love! And it doesn't matter at all - you are a pig or a filmmaker. Today, my interlocutor is public figure and artist Romas Zabarauskas!


A primer on positive thinking with Evaldus Laimingoi

You may have already met Evald. Maybe you saw him walking down the street (where he often meditates) or even talked to him? Then you will agree that it is easy to get quotes from him for all cases of life. 


Sketches of a book about meaning: Why do you not need the meaning of life?

Goal of the day: 1621 words. Written: 1626.


This book is happiness porn: "The first sip of beer and other small pleasures"

Goal of the day: 1590 words. Written: 356.


Eva Tombak: "Happy Pills"

Goal of the day: 440 words. Written: 483.


Sometimes we have to go crazy to learn to be happy

Here are some rules:


Optimists and pessimists are wrong: It is best not to expect anything

Have you noticed how much stress, anger and frustration are born from seemingly small things? Such little nothings? I noticed. And I believe that those negative emotions are caused by our hopes. After all, we expect new things every day: How a loved one will evaluate gifts, How we will be evaluated in exams or at work, How many "likes" a new photo will receive on Facebook, What should be the weather for tomorrow's trip [...]