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Who is the target audience? This is not a faceless crowd

Every content creator wants to have a large audience. But how to collect it? Content publishing is not necessarily the solution…


NEW! not good!

The argument from novelty is another type of chronological snobbery: the claim that what is NEW predates something. Although there is not.


Cringe. What to do when you are ashamed of your past?

I don't even know how cringe would be in Lithuanian - disgust? Cramp? Inner pain? Someone else's (or own) shame? You know that feeling. And maybe that's why it doesn't matter what you call it.


I'm here to make mistakes

Goal of the day: 1527 words. Written: 152.


I too started with nonsense (Part II)

Goal of the day: 554 words. Written: 668.


All developers start with nonsense (guessing or making excuses)

Goal of the day: 548 words. Written: 631.


Study and you will become a chopper. Or why doing is more important than thinking.

Goal of the day: 472 words. Written: 719.