Cringe. What to do when you are ashamed of your past?

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I don't even know how cringe would be in Lithuanian - disgust? Cramp? Inner pain? Someone else's (or own) shame? You know that feeling. And maybe that's why it doesn't matter what you call it.

But looking at my ten-year-old posts on Facebook... Well, the ones I wrote when I was 17.

You too have such memories and reminders. I believe.

What to do when you start cringing at your own actions?


  • It's OK. It happens to everyone.
  • That's why no one remembers you - everyone remembers their own shames and mistakes more.
  • Not remembering is unhealthy - if you don't remember, then you block, then you refuse to reassess those situations, then you refuse to learn, then you don't move.
  • It's not healthy to be nervous about old mistakes - someone else made them. Past you. A lot has changed. You, too.
  • You will continue to make mistakes. But that's OK. After a while, it will be just memories. And that's okay.

Well, for today, remember the nonsense and mistakes you've tried and made in the past, so you know better today.

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