You are not your mind. You are not your feelings

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The mind is fundamentally not peace. He is the eternal source of problem creation and solution.

Strangely enough, he creates the problem and then tries to convince us that he knows how to solve it and that it needs to be solved at all.

The mind itself is very rarely calm, it is always not in the present moment.

The mind always tries either to go forward and make projections or to go backwards and be always not here. On this principle, happiness is always tomorrow or was yesterday.

We are not just our minds.

We are the ones who experience him, who watch all his performances and let him be who he is. Only the mind itself can prevent itself from being what it is.

I often find that people who have learnt one method of dealing with their feelings get "stuck" in a perpetual process of refining the mind. No wonder, because most of our society worships perfect minds, capable of creating and rationally arguing every step of life or its discussions.

...It seems that if you can play the cards of life better, you can be happier.

But do you think that once a goal has been achieved, there is no next goal?

Do we really want that goal, honestly? Or do we want peace?

The mind can come up with countless challenges for us. Goal after goal after goal and two more goals after that. It never ends.

But we are not just our mind, we are it, who experiences the mind, who notices it.

Notice that the more we go into the mind, the more complicated it is, the more complex it is, the more questions there are, the more chaos, the less happiness. The more out of mind - the calmer it is, the more often we are here, the better it is to be in the present moment, the easier it is to enjoy what is here and now.

Let the mind play and create its own songs and from time to time notice that you are not only it, but also what is experiencing it, which is the eternal source of peace.

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