No, love won't make you happy

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"Ah, if only I met the right person... We'd be together, we'd be happy, everything would be better..."

I used to believe that too. I was looking for love. Very much. I looked for her in friends, family, dating apps, events, dates.

Sometimes I found happiness. I was happy until I was in love.

...And then, somehow, I was no longer there.

Why wasn't falling in love enough? Was it because I was meeting the wrong people? Something still wrong?

No, my dear friend. It's not love that makes you happy.

...And what makes you happy?

I do not know. For example, the feeling of peace makes me happy - when I feel that "I can be calm now", I become happy. This is sometimes provided by relationships with those around you, and sometimes it is simply a day off when nothing disturbs you. But what makes you happy? I don't know.

All I know is that your happiness is not really created by love. Maybe you become happy when you feel excitement, when you are hugged by someone, when you prepare gifts for others or receive gifts... Maybe your recipe for happiness is different. But it's not really "love". However, "love" is too abstract a word to mean anything.

Happiness is too abstract to be created by only one person, and no one else can create happiness. So you don't need to find "that one person". You can get happiness in other ways.

Or not? what do you think

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