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Life calendar: For 6 years I counted the time until my death

Life calendar is a Tim Urban-inspired tool of stoic nihilism for those going through an existential crisis. These squares are the weeks from birth to (probable, taking the average in Europe) death at around 80 years of age:


The phone screen as a magical fairytale portal

Oh, how many stories, books, movies, series, anime and video games have been created about magical portals. One moment you're living your earthly life, the next you're stepping through a door (or gate), the next you're on another planet.


No, love won't make you happy

"Ah, if only I met the right person... We'd be together, we'd be happy, everything would be better..."


NEW! not good!

The argument from novelty is another type of chronological snobbery: the claim that what is NEW predates something. Although there is not.


If you feel empty, you need a routine (Experience at Vipassana Camp)

I was recently Vipassana in meditation training. There was a lot of talk about that everything comes in waves. It comes, goes, increases, decreases, itches more, itches less, interesting, not interesting, you want to read more what is written here, you don't want to read more what is written here, you want to fix your hair, you don't want to, you want to achieve goals, you don't want to...


Why not pay attention to criticism on Facebook?

There are two types of criticism.


Awareness trainer Paulius Rakštikas about Mindfulness practices and why they are so important

Paulius Rakštikas


Neurobics: Exercise your brain

Neurobics are exercises that activate and stimulate both parts of your brain. The main goal of this method is to restore "tired" neurons in the brain.


Life calendar: How not to let life go by in vain?

The life of single people is like a holiday, like cherry blossoms.
of the second -


To be angry is to love

Goal of the day: 643 words. Written: 664.


Study and you will become a chopper. Or why doing is more important than thinking.

Goal of the day: 472 words. Written: 719.


Death by Planning: Paralysis of certainty

Analysis paralysis - have you heard of this one? I'm sure of one thing: maybe you haven't heard about it before, but you've definitely experienced it.