To be angry is to love

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"Well, don't be angry...", people tell you. And you, fighting against your own nature, try to get a grip and stop being angry.

Then the world becomes quite pleasant, a kind of "Meh, okay".

...And the gods and goddesses weep because you have failed to fulfil your destiny again. You were given a chance to make the world a better place to live and to use your powers to your advantage, and you spat and gave in to the temptations of the devils.

Oh, don't be angry.

Don't get angry with drunk drivers;
Don't get angry with the companies;
Don't be angry with dumb politicians;
Don't be angry with poor homes;
Don't be angry with yourself, with yourself;

And give yourself a blessed life. Without being angry, without being angry, without being angry, without being angry.

Not in love?

Make no mistake.

If you're being beaten, call the police and don't keep quiet. But if he's angry, you know you've struck a chord of love.

Of course, there is also useless anger. It's anger where nothing can be done. It's anger at bad weather (anger at eco-destroying crackpots when it's better), anger at the past (anger at the present when it's better).

But anger that drives action is love.

  • I love Lithuania. That's why I get angry when some ignorant idiots crow "It was better under the Russians!".
  • I love my mum. That's why I get angry when someone steals her ideas (which is quite good), but doesn't even say "Hi" (which is not so good).
  • I love my body. That's why I get angry when I go to buy a pizza and find a hair or bad tomatoes.

If it weren't for the anger, I'd be sitting quite content.

I would eat cheap dumplings, drink cheap beer, play video games and in my spare time I would meet my friends on the street and spit phlegm, muttering about why the state gives me so little money for nothing.

Well, that's the state. I'm fine here, but it doesn't want to give me any money. It's a country of bastards, everybody is a thief, and an old man I meet on the street says 'it was better under the Russians' and so on and so forth, and la la, and ulila, and, in a word, but maybe to a pox.

I would sit among the sunflower seed husks and phlegm and not change a thing. Because pox is for pox. You drink 50 grams and share it.

To love is to fight.

One of the best ways to see if someone really needs your gifts is to put a price on them.

Here, I could go to lectures for free, but instead I say €50 per lecture and you pay my petrol costs. Then I keep quiet and watch. If a student or an organisation REALLY wants to invite me, they either accept right away or try to find something to offer me in return. Advertising, filming a lecture...

Anger is the right price for modern dreams.

If you really care, really, really, really, really care - you will be angry. So angry that you will take action, not just pray with your tongue.

If you care, but somehow don't quite - you will pray with your tongue for others to do it for you. They won't, because they are not angry, not yet. But this time it doesn't matter, let's not bother.

If you think you care but you really don't - You'll spin your dreams of exercising, running, eating healthily or starting your own business around in your head, masturbating to them, but you won't start anything, or even talk about them.

You don't care anymore - don't worry and everyone will be just fine.

Respect your anger.

Because anger is not a cosmic sign that you are in a bad spiritual situation, that you are neurotic or that you are weak.

Yes, others are angry because they are idiots. But don't look at their teeth, look at their actions. Are they just showing how big their pimp is? Or are they still... Creating movements and acting?

If there is movement and hard work, it is good anger. I don't know if it's anger about good things (they used to be angry at the Jews for spoiling the gene pool), but at least it's worthwhile. It is worth looking at, "Why is there anger here?".

Real anger shows what is important to a person.

  • If he is angry at abused kittensbut he's not angry at the piglets being slaughtered - he's not an animal carer, he's an idiot!
  • If he is angry at politicians in power, but he himself votes for those who promise more - he is not a conscious voter, he is an idiot!
  • If he is angry about swear words in this article, but can't find arguments why they are bad - he is not a patron of language, he is an idiot!

Well, that sort of thing.

So what are you angry about?

What makes the blood boil in your veins? What do you think about before you go to bed and on your way to work?

Who you are?

If you're human, you get angry. You get angry at what is important to you. And be angry with courage, because only anger gives you the strength to work.

And what are you angry about?

Angry at those who do not appreciate anger,
Your Daniel

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