We can wear whatever we want.

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Today I wore these trainers. I wore them during an important work meeting.

It was a meeting of 7 Lithuanian bloggers - we discussed our plans for the coming month, ideas, future content and how to increase sales of our products through clever cartel agreements.

(I'm completely serious. It's a little secret.)

Three of us were dressed in suits, three in neat work clothes, and I was wearing sweatpants that I had stained during a home renovation a year ago.

Here's the reaction I got from every colleague:

1) As soon as you see them - "Oh, what trousers!".
2) Laughter, raised eyebrows or a smile.
3) A joke or comment to try to break the tension.

I sigh and wave my hands in my pants. To some I say "What are we, friends or no friends?" and to others "So you know that corny saying about comfort zones? So it's okay to get out of it!".


4) They all nodded their heads and variously said something like "Well, maybe it's OK".

Today, I came to an important meeting in my dirtiest and most unwashed trainers. And nothing bad happened.

And if you're ever worried "But I have nothing to wear!" when you go to the theatre, graduation or a friend's birthday party - remember, nothing beats a pair of crappy home-made trainers.

We create our own obligations to wear certain clothes. So why make rules you don't support?

We can do whatever we want. Why not do it more often?

Eating a banana,

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