With so many options, how do you choose your direction?

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We have too much freedom.

And when it is too much, we have no idea where we are in this world. If we want to live a stronger life, it is better to give up some opportunities. But which ones?

FIRST: Arch of Choices.

You will need: An A4 or larger sheet of paper, a writing tool, a desire to find your direction and a few hours spread throughout the week.

Progress: 1) Mark yourself somewhere on the sheet, 2) write the possibilities in a circle or in another form, 3) choose 2-4 directions, 4) hang the sheet on the wall and remember what you chose.

Tip: Do not rush! Your exercise can take as long as two weeks if you need to. Very slowly fill in what you would like, then gradually choose. Then gradually admire and change your life. In a hurry - you will not choose what you really want. Or at least that's the risk.

TWO: Definitely a yes or no principle.

You will need: Situations where you will have to choose something. Something you like to do, your dance partner, a book in the store, Zara jeans or what to eat today.

Progress: 1) Look at your choice. Where would you put your opinion on the scale of desire - do you really, really want it, or just "I don't know, maybe"? Or maybe not"? 2) If the answer is anything other than "Definitely yes", discard this choice. Simply because there are better options.

Tip: If all the choices are "meh, maybe" - rethink your options and don't choose anything just yet. Choose only when your heart and butt are on fire.

THREE: Experiment and challenge yourself.

Advices: Your experiment may be quite small, don't be afraid of that. Simply try the activity of your choice and see what happens. If you like it, go ahead! If you don't like it - quit and choose another interesting activity or change something and try again.

For example: Try the 14-day challenge to play the guitar in Laisvės Alley. If it chokes after 8 days, try something else. Or play the violin! Each direction has different modes of travel. Just because some people like to dig ditches by hand doesn't mean they can't dig another way.

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