What is the challenge? 67 fun ideas for your experiments

365 texts self-knowledge
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 361 words. Written: 365.

I had written these challenges in my notebooks for the future. I thought about doing them one day. ...And, in fact, I might do some of them. But I want to share my ideas with you too. Would you like to join?


  • A month without raising your voice;
  • A month without a smartphone;
  • A month (strictly) without internet;
  • A month without Facebook;
  • A month without social networks;
  • A month without online communication;
  • A month without TV;
  • A month without chocolate;
  • A month without technology for 16 hours a day;
  • A meat-free month;
  • A month without sitting;
  • A month without stuff;
  • A month without media;
  • A month without banks;
  • A month without a car;
  • A week's journey without GPS or maps;
  • Decaffeinated month;
  • A month without email;
  • A month without a phone;
  • A month without masturbation;
  • A month without photography (Or: A trip without photography).


  • A month with church;
  • Week: draw one Cloud Chart every day;
  • A month with different theatres and culture;
  • A month of old, pre-80s films;
  • A month of jokes for your roommate;
  • A month with gifts for your partner;
  • A month with work standing still;
  • A month with daily jogging or walking;
  • A month with vegetarian food;
  • A month with green eating;
  • A month of language learning;
  • A month with letters;
  • A month of writing a novella;
  • A month with water;
  • A week with juice;
  • A month with a break in the day to do nothing;
  • A week of blogging all day;
  • A month of reading books in the original language;
  • A month of reading books;
  • A month with profits;
  • A month of writing my first book;
  • A month of really good exam results;
  • A month of sacrifice (good behaviour);
  • A month of finding or creating a job;
  • A month of hanging girls;
  • A month with a smile;
  • A month with a welcome plaque in the places where you spend most of your time;
  • A month of meditations;
  • A month with creativity;
  • A month with a diary;
  • A week with steady meals;
  • A week with Pomodoro™;
  • A week with early rising;
  • A week with a morning routine;
  • A month with Geocaching;
  • A month with drawing;
  • A month on a bike;
  • A month of writing a novella;
  • A month of photographs;
  • A month with one job at a time;
  • A month of single-tasking at one point in the day (breakfast, travelling, etc.);
  • A week with the 100 Works Challenge;
  • A week with daily sitting (and no more doing ANYTHING ELSE);
  • A month with peace (without anger);
  • A month of growing and caring for something (e.g. growing a plant). Maybe something you could eat after growing it;
  • Days just watching a TED talk.

And if that's not enough, ideas for a drawing challenge poster I found online:

Will you try? And remember, the beginning is the most important thing.

With love,

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