No, you probably won't change the world

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Not everyone can be a hero. Not everyone can be famous. Not everyone can be successful. And it probably won't be you.

Most people work at jobs in their lives - like ants helping society function. But these people are not the ants in an epic Disney movie.

People work. They write, program, speak, sell, transport, move, plan, dismantle and build. There are many jobs in this world. There is a lot of work to be done. Many jobs are important to society. But not all work is necessary.

Why do I remind you of this? So that you don't get sad.

Influencers and various "success stories" present the idea that being a hero is part and parcel of life. Failure to achieve something heroic can make you want to condemn and belittle yourself. But this is not true. Why punish yourself for not achieving a fantasy?

It's all right to be just an average person. Just like me, your parents, your neighbours and you.

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