How to become famous in half a year?

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What is the meaning of notability?
What do you want?

To follow you on Facebook?
Say "hello" on the street?
Would they read your articles?
Would they buy your books?

Rob a house?
Death threats?
Would they steal your work?
Would they write you a wish to hang yourself?

To meet the love of your life?
Feel proud of yourself?
Would they learn from you?
Would they respect you?

Scratch your car?
Would they look angry in restaurants?
Photographed on a nudist beach?
Create rumours about you?

Make your mum proud?
Congratulations on your birthday?
Or for other holidays?
Would you get a gift?

Persecute your family?
And the children?
Writing love messages?
And hate?

To finally be happy?

You mean the public whore?


* * *


If you still want to be famous, ask yourself: in six months' time, do you want to be very famous or just a little famous?

Because in half a year you can become very famous.
Or become just a microtubule.


* * *


How to become famous in half a year?

1) Stand in the square of the President of Lithuania;
2) Take off your jacket;
3) Take off your trousers;
4) Run on wheels;

Repeat this 4 times at different public places each month. Create a public Facebook profile where you will share posts about the 0.03 cent water price as if it were real. Behave like Mined once did, without realising the horror of his actions.

Congratulations, you've become famous.


* * *


How do you become a microcosm more prominent in six months?

1) Build from the heart;
2) Don't get upset.

Repeat this every day or almost every day. Create a public Facebook profile where you can interact with peers and critics. Behave the way you used to behave as a child, without realising it.

Congratulations, you've become a micro-famous.


* * *


What next?

If you take the first path, chances are that your journey has ended here.

Maybe if you're like Jonathan Heath (from Melvin Burgess' book Sarah's Face), you'll get plastic surgery, have an accident, do a nude photo shoot, seduce a politician, or do something else to keep your moment of glory going. And it will continue as you come up with more and more shocking spats. After all, people want to be entertained! Be the entertainment.

Then they will forget you.

This is likely because another scraper will appear.


* * *


What next?

If you take the second path, chances are that your journey is still ongoing.

If that's what you want. However, when you choose the second path, it's not about WHAT you do, but WHY you do it. Based on Simon Sinek's book "Start with Why". If you stop creating what others love, your journey is over. Or not! Because you can always create a second thing that matters to you, not to others.

Then no one will know you anyway.

Probably because you're too young. Not in age, but in the number of fossils around you.


* * *


It is not interesting to follow those who work patiently and for the sake of their souls. They are boring.

They have not done anything incredible. Anyone could do it. Not everyone will do what the patient ones do, but their work is not "WOW".

Their work simply is.

There are...
More is...
There's more...
There are more and more...


* * *


Do you know what makes an old mountain more valuable than a newly built one? How are the mounds of Kernavė more valuable than the amphitheatre hill of Naisiai?

No. Not in a "natural" way. Don't talk nonsense.






* * *


An old creator, a patient creator, who has been working on his craft for decades, and who works every day (perhaps even religiously every day?), inevitably accumulates mountains of rubbish around him.

Then news agency reporters come along and take pictures of it all, and those who want instant fame think: "Hmmm, creative people live in mess, so I must be messy too!".

Pala, journalists?
Where did they come from!?


* * *


If you've watched HBO's Game of Thrones or read the books, you'll have noticed: all wars start on a pile of old corpses.

The Mad King burned the King of the Starks, and Robert Barathion and Ned Stark revolted. The Barathions became the new kings. The Lannisters stabbed the Barathions. The Starks did not like it. The Lannisters stabbed the Starks. The Stark's did not like it. The Lannisters were poisoned. The Boltons stabbed the Starks. The Starks stabbed the Boltons. And so on.

In the creative world, new works are born on top of the corpses of old works.

In other words, in a compost bin.

I currently have a compost heap in my parents' backyard. We planted a pumpkin in it. The pumpkin grows and matures from the corpses of other grasses - including last year's pumpkins.

Building new on old.


* * *


Similarly with notation. That, slowly.

Before that, you are nothing.
Then you are nothing, but you have started something.
Then you are nothing, but you have started something +2.
Then you are nothing, but you have started something +3.

(At +4 your weapon starts glowing blue and at +16 red. Here, if you've ever played Lineage 2, you'll understand. Anyway, this is off-topic.)

In 30 years, you will have created a whole mountain of little things born from your soul.

In 30 years' time, you will be surrounded by a mountain of fossils.

In 30 years' time, you'll have a compost heap so rich that if you give just a cup of this rot to a new developer, you'll have helped him grow a beautiful flower.

In 30 years' time, your compost heap will be there for every developer to see. And they'll want to take something from it, for themselves. We are so selfish, but that's not a bad thing.

In 30 years' time, if you're still creating from the heart, you won't regret giving even a bucket of this compost. After all, you work for your soul, not for others.

In 30 years' time, the gardeners of life will be talking about your generosity.

After 30 years, journalists will want to know the secret of your patience.


* * *


You will answer that the most important thing is to work from the heart and with patience.

But no one will print your words. Because there is now the 198874th famous clown, who is more fun to pay attention to, and your advice is not shocking enough.

But you will keep working.

I know that, [hidden].

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