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I remember how you were three kilometers away, even though I was hugging you

I smelled your shampoo and my hand melted pleasantly under your neck. I could feel that, finally, I was together with you however… I felt lonely.


I have a challenge for you: Do just one thing this year

Remember when you thought in 1999 that 2019 would be sometime in the far future? You know, when there will be flexible phones, flying cars, and you will be happy, rich, and good for yourself?


How to communicate with a negative person? And how not to plunge into pessimism?

Received a question from a cloud girl:


Best creative advice I ever heard from a friend


I got my shoes stuck. I envy Beata Tiškevič's number of followers. I don't understand why people keep old crap that hasn't even been translated into Lithuanian or anything. I don't understand why short texts get so much attention.


The tale of the bear and the anthill (Which I wrote myself)

Once there was an anthill in the forest near a tree where there was a bee's nest. And there lived a bear in the forest who kept coming to the tree to steal honey. It was just that every time the bear came, it trampled the anthill.


are you beautiful Take this short TEST and find out

This is a test created by the most famous scientists in the USA, which will evaluate your height, weight, face shape and more than 70 other beauty factors, which depend on how others evaluate you.


Love Letter: I'm probably not an alpha male

Look at me this moment. It's me.


A letter to an ex-girlfriend before leaving for another country



Letter to Tom (With a set of physical units)

Oh, Oma, don't bother! Isn't the tension too high? Time pressed? Or maybe the strength is low?


Daniel, why are you so desperate for attention and relationships?


Can a late question?


How to become famous in half a year?



Your infatuation is not love. It's an addiction.



A love letter to a girl from the second floor balcony

Goal of the day: 1574 words. Written: 723.


A letter to a girl while she sleeps next to her

what do i feel


My first date

Goal of the day: 976 words. Written: 204.


A few questions for yourself: Are you who you are?

Goal of the day: 966 words. Written: 261.


Love Letter: It's okay to spit on both of us

Goal of the day: 682 words. Written: 144.


Please criticize me harder. Please, I want to learn!

Goal of the day: 678 words. Written: 679.


How to impress any girl and drag her into bed?

Goal of the day: 669 words. Written: 364.


Love letter when newly in love + Analysis of the letter

Goal of the day: 527 words. Written: 543.


A completely meaningless love letter

Goal of the day: 522 words. Written: 531.


Love Letter: Double from the library

Goal of the day: 516 words. Written: 522.


Love letter: That printer is driving me crazy!

Goal of the day: 506 words. Written: 694.


Love Letter: Perfect Shit Grinding

Goal of the day: 496 words. Written: 616.


What I am thankful for my ex-girlfriends (whom I loved first, and now I know)

Goal of the day: 454 words. Written: 637.


Are porn movies bad for us? And violent video games?

Goal of the day: 445 words. Written: 583.


How to write a love letter to someone who left you?

Goal of the day: 423 words. Written: 426.


A letter to my ex-girlfriend: what I am grateful for her

Goal of the day: 387 words. Written: 387.


A letter about the DEMANDING child inside me

Daily target: 308 words. Written: 622.


[Love Letters to a Miss I've Never Seen] Hello Jo

One of the strangest events that happened in the summer of 2016 - one girl, a reader of Debesyla and a budding writer, responded to this ad of mine.


[Letter] To a friend from Wednesday's Vero Coffee House

Goal of the day: 276 words. Written: 295.


[Letter] Girls I haven't met (cafe, childhood, romance, idiocy...)

Goal of the day: 270 words. Written: 295.


A painful stream of thoughts about self-loss and confusion

This letter - a stream of thoughts - was written about 2 years ago. I found it in an old OneNote notebook on my computer. Here I am presenting a doubly abbreviated and organized text. Two years ago I was in pain, and now it's nice to remember it!


Thank you for being together this year, 2016

Goal of the day: 265 words. Written: 392.


Christmas invitation: "It's fun to work, but it's even more fun to relax!"

Goal of the day: 250 words. Written: 263.


[Letter] Today I was ice skating and thinking about my mistakes and love

Goal of the day: 247 words. Written: 348.


A story about a boy and a girl: With moss-scented jeans, letters and moles

Goal of the day: 245 words. Written: only 244!?


[Letter] An excuse for forcing you to love me

Goal of the day: 242 words. Written: 1141.


[Letter] Write me a letter. Here's what.

Goal of the day: 240 words. Written: 552. A cheaper version of the 777.


[Letter] I'm crawling, crawling, naked bears

Goal of the day: 238 words. Written: 356.


[Letter] It all started at midnight…

Goal of the day: 233 words. Written: 1060.


[Letter] Here's What I Think Love Is

Goal of the day: 231 words. Written: 1192.


[Letter] Rainfall from a clear sky

Goal of the day: 228 words. Written: 252.


[Letter] Girls with writing talent. Talk to me and don't stop.

Goal of the day: 222 words. Written: 681.


[Love letter] Why am I not looking for other girls?

Goal of the day: 219 words. Written: 557.


[Love letter] With you, I feel like I'm on a journey every day

Goal of the day: 217 words. Written: 352.


[Love letter] I melt with you like a marshmallow in cocoa

Explain - how do you do it? How do you make every time I interact with you feel so warm and cozy?


[Love letter] I love writing to you, I'm intoxicated and I love you

Goal of the day: 213 words. Written: 825.


What are my weaknesses in a girl?

Goal of the day: 211 words. Written: 443.


Love poem: Why can't I find my wife?

Goal of the day: 201 words. Written: 445.


[Love Letter] Questions I Can't Help Asking You

Goal of the day: 183 words. Written: 1026. Photo author: Vi Kontrimaitė


[End] Ode to Sorrow VII: Excerpts from Dreams

Goal of the day: 146 words. Written: 368.


Ode to Joy VI: From Blue Skies

Goal of the day: 145 words. Written: 570.


Ode to Joy V - Letter from the Future Tomorrow

Goal of the day: 143 words. Written: 436.


Ode to Joy IV - Untitled, but with intrigue

Goal of the day: 142 words. Written: 379.


Ode to Joy III - Untitled

Goal of the day: 140 words. Written: 208.


Ode to Joy II - I miss our communication

Goal of the day: 139 words. Written: 529.


Ode to Joy I - When I forget the words

Goal of the day: 137 words. Written: 459.


Ballad of Joy VI: A Letter to a Girl with a Dragon Soul.

Scene: written 9 days after Erasmus left for studies in the Czech Republic.


Ballad of joy V: When I can't get rid of my thoughts.

Scene: written 9 days after Erasmus left for studies in the Czech Republic.


Ballad of Joy IV: I Miss You.

Scene: written before Erasmus left to study in the Czech Republic. A few days after the first meeting.


Ballad of Joy VIII: About a Found Parcel.

Scene: This experimental letter was written as a supplement to another, longer letter. Owl Post is a post based on our invented owl bird that talks "burku burku". Why not "Uh-uh" or something, I don't know.


Love announcement: Wanted employee.

Responsibilities: Daniel's wife (first 2-3 years as a girl).


Ballad of Joy VII: The Girl with the Third Eye.

Scene: written by erasmus during his studies in the Czech Republic, at night, unable to sleep. This letter is full of questions, answers, research and self-confessions.


Collection: Love letters

There is a lot to write about. Books, articles, messages on Facebook, confessions about yourself that you wouldn't want anyone to know... And letters.


Love letter: I just wanted to love. Be open. To tell the truth.

I just wanted to love.