What I am thankful for my ex-girlfriends (whom I loved first, and now I know)

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I have to confess. I'm sick of. I don't know if this is a curable disease. And I got her already from my last love.

It's a nasty disease. Others say they don't decorate me.

But at the same time, I don't know if I want to treat her. Exactly - you want to take revenge on the world and spread it more widely! Making love to the world without a condom and, ha, haaaaaa!

How did I get this disease?

My first love was a redhead who turned me into a drug addict.

I met her at the corner where Laisvės aleja intersects with Savanorių avenue. Next to the building, which has the Kaunas District Court on one side, and the Kibina restaurant on the other.

I was a timid child then. After spending the day playing video games, I greeted the redhead for the first time on Facebook - after a friend's post about some internet meme from 2011.

This redhead was my first love.

And through her I realized that loving is a strong drug. So strong that even four months after the breakup, you'll want to go right back for another dose of this goodness.

My second love was a big-breasted woman who turned me into a theater buff.

I also met her in Laisvė avenue. Only this time - at the Romo Kalanta memorial, in front of the Kaunas Municipality building and the Kaunas Musical Theatre.

I was still a timid child then. But after spending his days not with video games, but with dating sites and seminars on how to hook up as many girls as possible in as few minutes as possible. Wanting to be a girl.

This big breast was my second love.

And through her, I realized that theater, art and culture are not as far away as it might seem to a former video game maniac and still an Internet meme expert. She taught me that theater is life and life is theater.

...And our acquaintances can change, as the characters in the plays change. After 2 or 3 months, after breaking up, our roles changed and we became good friends.

My third love was boyhood, which turned me into a traveler.

I met her in the Łola river flowing in the Varėna district. Then I was swimming with a group of friends on this river, and the boyish blonde got into my kayak.

I was a braver child then. I was quite happy with life when I started writing, starting to realize that hooking girls is like raising worms - you don't have to try, you just let girls (and worms) be girls (or worms).

This thin, tiny, funny kid was my third love.

And through her, I realized that traveling, experimenting, getting to know a girl who lives in Varėna (when you live in Kaunas yourself), or going to Turkey by chance - these are parts of a fun life. Through her, I realized that I can experience so many wonderful adventures not only on Internet forums and Facebook walls!

...And also - that sometimes we simply speak different love languages.

My sixth love was independent, which made me happy.

I met her at Kaunas railway station. She came from Vilnius in the middle of the night to meet me and we could listen to electronic music all night long, joke about cows and mark Daniel's life, watch cartoons and eat sweet chocolate.

I was almost myself then. In fact, it happened quite recently. I had begun to understand that life is life and you just need to relax: money, achievements - all this comes without even trying.

This dreadlocked, pierced, wide-eyed woman was my sixth.

And through her I realized that you can enjoy even the smallest things. That life is the longest experience we'll have, so we might as well relax and just play around - watch weird movies, go to loud clubs, drink coffee in the middle of the night, or spend time with important people.

I'm sick of.

I fell ill with a disease that was born in me almost 6 years ago - at the end of the spring of 2011. Which developed and grew in me.

Kol was born with a hyper-positivity that others don't understand.

Why should I be sad when something bad happens?
You can learn from it.

And one can be happy, remembering those wonderful adventures that I experienced.
Remembering a journey you can take too.

But will you let yourself get sick?

Will you start a relationship that will lead you to the unknown?

Have you noticed that the virus of positivity may have settled in your bowels?
...And that you just need to look at life as an adventure and enjoy it?

How old are you? 17? 27? 57?

I ask because it doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter. Enjoy the things that happened. And trust me, they will happen again. Only better.


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