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Goal of the day: 669 words. Written: 307.

Greece is perhaps the best place for miracles. Not because the sun shines all the time or for any cosmic reason. It is simply a land that is suited to it.

Greek myths and legends, with all kinds of characters, places and events. And if the tradition of performing and writing down legends was trademarked and copied in Greece, why should we be more normal, sane people and create miracles elsewhere?

And Greece.
La la la.

Fly for just €300 and you'll see Mount Olympus, the Temple of Delphi, the river, the wall, the foundations of an old building and three Greeks eating gyros and drinking rice vodka.

Tramp-para-m-ram. Let's dance to the rhythm of Sitraki. Pam. Pam pam pam pam. Pam pam pam pamapapampampam. And dance, dance.

Of course, I don't know what I'm talking about now. It's quite a strange experience to write things. I don't know what I'm saying, but ahm, I'm saying it anyway, when, I wonder, will the five minutes be up?

I need to set a better font.

Ai, I've been thinking for a while about Dimitry Glughovky's book "The Future", about congestion, the grandeur of the European Union and the really shitty future life. And I have been thinking that I could have written it myself if I were Dimitry Glughovky.

I should probably learn to become one.
But I lost the point - it's important to write and uehamehaehamehamehamehamehamehamehamehameham....

Here it is, a good book - a thought-provoking book about Greece and its greatness. Even the children and their grovelling, which distracts me, do not distract me as much as the cursed letter I on my keyboard. Why the I? Why not another? Go to hell.

I wonder what will become of our European Union if it really does have a trillion people. I guess we will take that and see it later in the lives of our grandchildren. When they come across these texts <-- Oh, here is something good.

When my grandchildren come across this text, they are likely to read it and see all sorts of details about how their lives differ from mine. And also the coincidences where they overlap. They are likely to read this text on a computer screen, or maybe not - it does not matter. It is likely that I will be dead by then - shaking my hooves.

A beginner who is struggling to write,

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