Love announcement: Wanted employee.

fiction love

Responsibilities: Daniel's wife (first 2-3 years as a girl).

Description of responsibilities: To be Daniel's other half and let him be yours.

Type of work: Full time, three shifts (24/7).

Workplace: Everywhere.

Salary: Daniel (1 piece, kind) and all the best that he creates in the future.

Basic requirements:

Gender: Female

Age: 20-30

Additional requirements:

  • Sense of humor;
  • Broad knowledge of the world;
  • Desire to teach Daniel new things;
  • Desire to study;

Bonus Points:
It is not necessary, but we will consider it in the selection.

  • Bright hairstyle and/or style of clothing;
  • A hobby of breaking stereotypical standards;
  • Dare to taste the cakes baked by Daniel, if they look edible;
  • Interest in discussing science, the political situation, the economy and everything that turns the brain;
  • The desire to travel the world or do something correspondingly crazy;
  • The desire to sleep in an embrace;
  • Ability to always find a topic for conversation or brainstorming sessions;
  • Willingness to try a vegan, paleo or vegetarian diet;
  • Lithuanian patriot;
  • Liberal views;
  • Courage and self-confidence;
  • The ability to throw out bad thoughts or fears after reading the points listed above;
  • A positive attitude.

Selection method: Send your CV (or cover letter) using the methods below.

  • Mail address:
  • In the comments: below

* * *

Here is what people are saying about "IĮ Danielius Goriunovas":

“Oh my God, he seriously put out an ad like that. I'm not even surprised."

– Vardene Pavardene

"Daniel is suitable if you want to improve your general education and patience. He writes a lot, which makes it impossible to communicate with him. If I didn't have a boyfriend, I probably wouldn't send my CV anyway because I need a lot of attention. It's strange that he wrote that ad here, but he told me to say that he himself is normal. In other words, if you don't understand sarcasm, don't write."

- A serious response

"Daniel? Well, he surprised us with his enthusiasm and ingenuity already in the first minutes of communication! The strangest thing is that every person, at some point, stops making a positive impression, we couldn't say the same about Daniel!"

– Brass Hammer

"I could say this about Daniel: he is like a piano. The longer it is not used, the more it wears out."

- Anonymous

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