Ballad of Joy IV: I Miss You.

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Scene: written before Erasmus left to study in the Czech Republic. A few days after the first meeting.

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* * *

Hi Simona,

Today is the third day that I have dreamed of writing you this letter.

And I hope that this time I will finish it and the letter will not lie down for a later time, like the previous ones.

I'll admit, I'm surprised that I'm writing this.

After all, the last time I was with you was just 9 days ago, I spent the whole week surrounded by new people and adventures, and I see you in the face book almost every day...

…However, I still long to write this letter. And send it to you, of course.

Why do I want it? I know you want to ask this. That's what you ask often.

The simple answer is I don't know.

Maybe because I liked touching and electrifying your hair and it doesn't work with mine? (Already tried.)

Maybe because I really liked watching you happily twirling under the white bridge, and you haven't filmed such a video yet?

Maybe because there are endless feelings in my head (perhaps they are inspired by the Spaniards who live on the floor below), and if I wrote you about them in a face book...

…They would be too dirty.

In fact, even this letter is a blurring of what I feel. But it's the best I can do for now.

After all, I can't write you a letter by hand - I still don't know where to send it.

After all, I can't come and meet you on the bench near the ducks in Bernadinė garden (what do you call it - Sereikiški?) - I have made a promise to myself to finish the Erasmus adventure to the end.

(And also, I promised myself to see you again only during Christmas time. After all, I could have come the day after the last meeting, but a promise is a promise.)

Oh, and another kiss (more passionate this time) better not even dream about it, because I'll start dreaming about it every night. I'm just slowly going crazy and it won't be fun for either of us.

Simona, for the third day now I want to say something that is already obvious:

I long to meet you again.

...And talk for a long, long time about everything that falls on the table. Find two treasures. Drink hot cocoa. Feed the zoo animals. Pick up new books and read them together. Visit a new exhibition or performance. Climb a mountain and see the sunrise. Bake a cake. Watching the Northern Lights…

Of course, not all at once. But that will be enough for the first few adventures…

Simona, I miss you. And so.

I hope that the coming months will go by faster than usual. I hope they pass faster than usual for you too.

Because what is life if you have to live waiting for something?

I hope that we will meet in the near future. And you won't have to wait anymore.

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