[Letter] Girls I haven't met (cafe, childhood, romance, idiocy...)

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Goal of the day: 270 words. Written: 295.

When I look away. Next to me. To the other end of the empty café I'm in now... I see you.

I don't know you. And at the same time, I know you.

* * *

- Daniel, you're such a romantic!," my ex-girlfriend once said.

I didn't take it seriously then. It sounded unexpected to me. After all, I have never considered myself a romantic!

- Oh, so you're a romantic!," a girl I don't know said to me.

And the word was born again in my head. "Romantic".

Am I like that?


* * *

Lifting my eyes from the keyboard, I run my eyes over you. Your book-looking eyes, your distinctive nose and your lips that don't stand out at all. Your sweater down to your hands and the book cover.

You must have looked up when you felt my gaze or heard that the keyboard clacking had stopped.

They smiled.

And I melt. Again.

* * *

Songs about love. Books about love. Letters about love. Articles about love. Radio programmes about love.

How can I not fall in love when there are so many signs around?

* * *

Sometimes I think I'm the world's biggest loser. I'm sitting here in a café and I imagine you. A girl I haven't met yet. A girl who isn't even here.


Why? What is happening to me?

Is it spring? Is it my body telling me that I need to bring lots of cute little kids into the world? Is it just my love-struck brain wanting more of this drug?

* * *

- Tell me about your childhood," I start.

I know you'll enjoy telling me about it. Everyone likes to remember the best parts of their childhood. To feel happiness.

Did you know that when we fall in love, we become like children?

This is a scientific fact. Seriously, it turns out that when we fall in love, we fall in love for a reason. We go back to a time when everything was wonderful and new. And we experience happiness anew.

- And again?," you laugh.

- Again," I reply, "I love to hear the stories in your voice.

Smiling, you start the story. Just as gripping again. I feel in love with you again.

* * *

Sometimes I feel like an idiot.

After all, I am in love with you. Even though I haven't even met you yet.


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