Ode to Joy IV - Untitled, but with intrigue

365 texts love an ode to joy

Goal of the day: 142 words. Written: 379.

Did you know that what I am writing now is not an ode at all? When I met a girl over two years ago, I didn't know that.

Three months after meeting. October 14, 2013.

hello I'm a crab.


(And no, I didn't really spend more than 15 minutes trying to write this).

But where did I end up? After all, I had a hard time falling asleep again yesterday. Only this time I didn't have to get up and write so that the insomnia caused by thoughts about you would pass.

An achievement, right?



You know, I didn't really want to write something to you. I just wanted to remember your face, think about you, listen to the quiet soundtrack of my writing, which I will surely turn on for you soon…

(Yes! You didn't pierce my eardrums with the grass stalks, even though you tried! Ha!)

So that's it *spreads arms and smiles*. I miss you. Time, ryyyli.

* * *

P.S I really want to correspond with you by paper letters. Really.

I'm sure you'd like it too - you'd have something to look forward to in your inbox because you're looking at it every morning anyway. It is true that the door of the box should be greased, because it would fall off on the second day.

And you can hold the letter in your hand, feel it, save it. Despite the fact that human handwriting is mostly illegible. Call me crazy, but I want letters. Well, if I can't get you on my own.

* * *

PPS Let's play a game. Gobble that hot sandwich with perfectly melted cheese - are you going to read this text or not? If you don't read it - a sandwich for me. If you read it, I'll make another one for myself. Oh, more tea. The black ones are delicious. And I still had a piece of chocolate somewhere - take it, it will come after the sandwich.

And what does Daniel do in this moment of reading?

a) Lying on the bed. Then you smile and raise your eyebrows, quietly asking "So how?" and clearly waiting for a smile, a lip bite and something you could come up with (what, Mileta, will I suggest to you?).

b) He stands somewhere near the dresser and pretends not to pay attention. Seeing your raised head out of the corner of his eye, he continues to pretend that he doesn't care at all, although deep down he just wants you to appreciate the work.

c) He's right next to you. In that case, he has no idea that you are reading this and how anxiously he is waiting for your opinion.

d) Other.

What does Mileta do?

After your response, she should ideally mumble *EHMEHM* and *MHMHMH* or *CHMCHM*.

(Yes, I won't suggest this one either. Haven't you noticed yet what Dan likes the most? If you really haven't noticed - experiment. Daniel likes bold girls. Active. Equal to herself and him. Fighting rivals!).

* * *

PPPS Yes, this letter is very strange.


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