Daniel, why are you so desperate for attention and relationships?

365 texts answers to questions love relationships


Can a late question?

Two. Well, maybe 3.




maybe four

But five is not possible already

six is possible instead

seven and eight - definitely not

I will take the ninth question

ten too, sure

the eleventh only if I get the fifteenth as well


First: Why did you sleep with women and leave them?

How many women was it with? What was going on in the dark mind?


Well, you see.


Why did this seem like a good thing?


It would be good if I had planned.

It would be nice if it looked like something at all.

I had a crush on one girl. Then another.

Then we break up. I'm crying.


Why doesn't the dark see this as a good thing.


Then another girl appears.


Errr. What changed?


I don't know

But maybe pala

You know that feeling when you catch not a person, but rather their ideal?
When you get the concept but not the reality?

Some are in a relationship without knowing why? How? What's going on and the like?

When just….

You drive to become better.

  • Better than yesterday.
  • You would learn something.
  • You would love
  • I would kiss you.
  • Feel it.
  • You would work for them.
  • We would enjoy their attention.
  • You would dream.
  • I would dream.
  • You would love it.
  • One by one.
  • One by one.

And then every girl you meet is not a person for you. No. They have become things for you again.

Every guy I met became an item too.

…I do not know.

Anyway, to be honest, I've become terribly cynical in recent months.

  • Life is meaningless.
  • People are just balls of chemicals.
  • Animals too.
  • Jobs are forgotten.
  • Food is digested.
  • Love passes. And it comes.
  • Ideas come and go.
  • The work is of high quality and not so much.
  • Politics is good and bad.
  • The future is beautiful and the future does not exist.

I became cynical about the meaning of life. Which is not.

For God's sake. Which are not there.

A relationship that is just a way of chemical macro-cooperation.

  • Some messed up chemical says write letters to Olivia.
  • Chemicals in Olivia's body turn the information she sees into worthless thoughts.
  • And the world turns.
  • Around the sun.
  • And the sun revolves around the center of the bird path.
  • And this one runs in the local cluster. And this one…
  • Every atom has quarks.
  • They are up, down, left, right and odd.
  • And everything is spinning.

And, wasp, what's the difference, everything is px.

Then see what's left.
There is only a little left - to be lazy, to enjoy, to rest.

I don't know, I think my mistake was that I believed in ideals.

I am prophesied. Or maybe you will meet yours this year.


You know, maybe you're the one for me.

maybe blah dear, where is mine sitting next to me?

Wasp, maybe the person of my soul is the neighbor to whom I haven't even said "hello" yet. And I don't even know! I can't even imagine!


Exceptional people.


You will miss the opportunity.

Will I miss the opportunity?

what kind I? Seriously?

I'll miss the chance… Ha ha ha ha! My last 6 years have been about not missing opportunities.

  • Special people.
  • Special women.
  • This is wow
  • Wow, this is more wow
  • Wow, this wasp, it's really, really good

Then I met and fell in love with probably the most beautiful girl I've ever met. In that sense - ideal beauty.

And sex too.

Funny. I have a big dick. And I like petite girls. This didn't happen with most of the girls, because the keys and locks don't match.

Jesus Christ.

I agreed.

We broke up. Because the views on the meaning of life did not coincide!

…And then you think.

  • Daniel, who's here?
  • Daniel, why?
  • Daniel, why do you…
  • Daniel, something is wrong here.
  • Daniel begins to analyze his relationship.
  • Daniel checks.
  • Literally years go by. And Daniel is looking for himself.

I feel bad for myself. I'm going, maybe I'll read a book.

I will be back again.

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