How to write a love letter to someone who left you?

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A few weeks ago I had to communicate with a person from Debes. Don't worry - I will not reveal who is he, because, I confess, now I have even forgotten what on behalf of he was.

He, after reading several of my letters to former lovers, wrote to me and asked what to write to the woman who left him.

To the woman who ended her marriage and left this cloud man with her 7-year-old daughter.

The clouded man wasn't too upset. He, having already obviously tasted life, did not panic - he was just at a loss as to how to act. However, that wife-no-longer-wife did not agree to continue talking and communicate differently! I don't think it's left to write letters?

I'll admit, I'm no relationship guru. Neither real nor any Male. I am only a male creature of the deer family, the fallow deer. So, I'm not judging relationships, just sharing some tips on how to write this letter.

First of all, I mentioned that it is possible that no one will read the letter.

Well, we all wish that as few people as possible read love letters (unless spit it out like me), but you still want these letters to be read by at least the addressee.

…It just doesn't always happen that way.

Some of my love letters were not even read by the girls I wrote them to and threw them in the trash after opening the envelope. But that's natural - I can't force someone to read something. (How can I make you listen to me now.)

You just have to accept it.

Then I mentioned that you might never get an answer.

Or this answer may be a complete lie, an absurdity, an unconscious dream.

If you dreamed that you were writing a letter - then it's really just a dream. I had such a dream once. And when I realized this in the morning, I was very worried about my mental health.

It is possible that they will tell you that they haven't read the letter, but they really will. It is possible that he will feel one - but write another.

However, this is also natural. It remains only to accept.

Then I talked about the essence of writing a letter.

The basis of a letter, like any other communication, is the expression of thoughts: the transfer from your head to another head. It is possible to convey thoughts orally - with the mouth, or digitally - with the fingers.

And the basis for that is openness and honesty.

If you yourself will not be open in your letters, why should you expect it from your interlocutor?

Therefore, it is important to be open when writing letters. Extremely open. The more open the better. Say all your thoughts and then a little more than enough for a good answer.

And I finished with humanity.

Finally, it's important to stay human.

In the letter, you can accuse, you can teach the text in bullet points like the philosopher Wittgenstein (who liked to put everything in numbers), you can write in terms that no one understands, or you can write using the flow of thoughts method...

…But you better not do that and stay human.

How do you talk to your loved ones? How did you communicate with this wife-no-longer-wife who left you?

Communicate here too!

The answer to how to write letters is just that simple. Just keep these five ideas in mind and your letters will stay amazing.

(And even if no one reads them, at least you'll know that you didn't lie and did your part properly.)

When writing a letter,

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