What type of writer are you: Gardener or Architect? (And the most common mistakes these writers make)

Reflections and drafts

I find it very difficult to write everyday. Although I work as a writer - I am not able to write morning papers, long articles, long books... For a long time I thought it was a mistake - that I am a bad writer.

But it turns out I just am Architect.

You may be too. Or, just like that, you are Gardener.

What are these types of authors and what do they look like? What are the most common mistakes these types make and how can they be saved?

Who are you: Gardener or Architect?


  • He writes a lot;
  • They start writing without knowing how they will finish;
  • First they write and then they correct;
  • They often write more than they planned;
  • He grows a text garden - he lets the roses, currants, apple trees and thuja trees grow on their own, as they will... And then he genifies, shapes.


  • He writes in just a few words;
  • First, they make detailed plans - skeletons - before they start, and when they write, they know exactly where they will end up;
  • They often write less than they promised;
  • They are more bricklayers than gardeners - until the bricks are laid, there is nothing, and their texts are not born by themselves.

Notice the difference?

Even if you are in between (and you are, as you are everywhere else), some of these ways of writing appeal to you more. It gives you a sense of peace. Causes less or no stress. Just sounds like "Wow, yeah, I like this!".

What are the most common mistakes of these writers?


  • Too much. Far too much. Readers are no longer interested in reading that much. What is this graffomania?
  • Their works tend to drift - they start with one thing and end up with something else... The whole work seems to be disconnected.
  • They are afraid to cut - every detail of the text seems so important to them! And, oh, how hard it is to let go of this important part... Which, in reality, is really important - without that part, the new ending will not be reached.

Notice how this is related?


  • Make a plan. Plan, plan, plan, plan, think, think, think, think... They get tired of thinking. Or sometimes someone (say, gardeners) writes a piece on the subject before they do, and readers certainly remember the authors who came first better... Sometimes they never write anything.
  • Their works tend to be too short. They seem to be incomplete drafts, with so much missing... Readers don't realise that a thin book is maybe even better than a thick one. Readers are used to, yes, judging a book by its thickness: "if you hit someone over the head with a book, it's a good book". Well, or something like that, but in a gentler way. Note how many bestsellers (best sellers) are not good books, but simply thick ones.


How can I avoid these writing and planning mistakes? I don't yet know of anything particularly effective that I can recommend to you. I will leave it to you to find out. But remember that you are probably either a Gardener or an Architect. There are practically no universal writers who do both at the same time. 1

  1. Unless I have missed something and you can prove me wrong? Leave a comment and tell me!

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