If you want to become a writer, don't do it

365 texts writing
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 153 words. Written: 311.

If you are reading this, you may also have dreams of being a writer when you grow up.

And I understand you perfectly - it would be wonderful to write, to create, and then not only to evoke emotions in others and satisfy the whims of readers' minds, but also to make J.K. Rowling-level billions just from writing. That desire is why I became a writer myself. Well, or I imagine that I am. (Am I?)

Writing is fun for me. For me, it's a way of expressing my thoughts in a way that is more understandable than when I could say them out loud, a way of conveying my thoughts in a way that I don't have to repeat them later.

Writing has more fun than that: it gives you more time to think about every word, which is very useful these days, when the best political or business visions come online.

But there is one flaw in a writer's life that you probably cannot avoid:

You never know what the rewards of the job will be Get it at.

Every creator, no matter what he or she creates - a painting, an essay, a business or a child in a woman's womb - expects their work to be beautiful. That people will admire his work and pay attention to him.

Of course, you can create for yourself, but you won't get far. And you won't reach great creative heights. I have certainly never heard of an artist who has created only for himself and has made a positive difference in the world.

If you make paintings, it's not hard to get attention. Step one: paint a picture. Step 2: for exhibition to others. Step 3: you get rewarded and enjoy the attention.

If you share funny cat videos on Facebook, same thing. If you're running a business, even here you can see whether what you're doing is working or not. Rewards come quickly.

What about spelling?

Writing is more complicated. In writing, you never know what you will get. Because first your text has to be read, then understood, and finally integrated into your life.

The assessment can take a long time. Very long.

It may take six months before your work is used. Maybe only a year. It might not be used until after you are dead. Or never.

If you dream of being a writer, don't be one. Because you'll need inhuman patience.


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